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 –  Nothing can ruin the enjoyment of intimacy with a partner faster than achieving orgasm too quickly and being unable to continue so that she can as well. Most men suffer from this problem at some point in their lives, whether they simply climax too quickly or experience premature ejaculation before intercourse can properly begin. At drugstore.com, we’re here to help. Desensitizers are products designed to prolong intercourse to help men overcome this embarrassing problem.
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What is a Desensitizer Used for?

The purpose of a desensitizer is to decrease the amount of sensation that a man experiences during sex. By doing so, the product delays ejaculation, allowing intercourse to continue for a longer period of time. Typically, a man's orgasm does not feel any less intense from using a desensitizer; however, most experience diminished pleasure during the intercourse until the climax is achieved. Normally, desensitizers take a few minutes to take effect, meaning that the products must be applied shortly before intercourse, such as at the start of foreplay. The effects of a desensitizer are only temporary. Most wear off within an hour or two after use unless they are reapplied.

What Are Desensitizers Made With?

The key ingredient in desensitizers is one of a number of mild anesthetics. These ingredients, like lidocaine, work by disrupting the impulses that travel along the nerves contained in the skin of the penis. By blocking the impulses from reaching the brain, the anesthetic controls how much sensation a man receives in his genital region during sex. Desensitizers will contain additional ingredients along with the anesthetic to give the product its texture, keep it fresh and help the active ingredient function properly. Before using a desensitizer, be sure to check the ingredients and avoid using oil-based products with latex condoms.

Sprays, Pumps and Aerosols

In addition to varying in terms of their ingredients, desensitizers differ in their application methods. Spray desensitizers come in a pump or aerosol bottle that creates a fine mist. These products are quick and simple to use; however, caution must be taken to point the mist only at the penis. If the desensitizer comes in contact with other parts of the skin, it will reduce feeling in those areas.

Gel Formulas

Gel desensitizers are applied directly to the skin with the fingers. Some men enjoy having their partners apply the desensitizer prior to intercourse, or they can do so themselves. With a gel, it is easier to ensure that the product is applied only to the penis. The main drawback with this type of product is that since it must be handled, it may numb the fingertips and hand, which can make foreplay difficult.

Tips for Choosing a Desensitizer

There are many different types of desensitizers on the market, and not all types are right for all men. To find the right solution for your needs, be sure to read the product descriptions, reviews and ingredients carefully. You should also talk to your doctor before using any over-the-counter anesthetic topical product to be sure it's safe for you to do so. Once you've selected the ideal product, you can trust drugstore.com to ship it discreetly right to your door.

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