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Edible Treats

 –  Even though you may not realize it, every sense contributes to the sensual experiences that you enjoy during intimate moments. Your sense of taste plays a role in desire, and finding ways to titillate your taste buds can heighten your arousal during foreplay and intercourse. drugstore.com can help you stimulate every sense with our assortment of sensual and romance products. We have a variety of edible treats that you and your partner can both enjoy.
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Flavored Lubricants for Safe Oral Pleasure

Oral sex can be intensely pleasurable for the receiving partner and exciting for the partner performing the act, but it's important that you take your health and safety into consideration before the heat of the moment arrives. Many people are not aware that some sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, herpes and gonorrhea, can be spread through oral intercourse. Using male condoms and dental dams can greatly reduce the risk of contracting these types of infections when used correctly during oral sex. Many couples choose to use flavored lubricants along with dental dams and male condoms to improve the taste and enhance the experience.

Other Benefits of Flavored Lubricants

Flavored lubricants are not just intended for practicing safe oral sex. Like all lubricants, flavored varieties can be applied to the genitals to reduce friction during vaginal and anal intercourse. This reduces the risk of irritation and injury and can lead to a more pleasurable experience. Monogamous couples may choose flavored lubricants to use during intercourse, as these products leave behind a pleasing taste. This can make foreplay or oral intercourse that follows vaginal or anal penetration more appealing. You can find flavored lubricants in a number of different varieties. Sample packs with multiple flavors are even available to encourage you to experiment.

Tasty Solutions for Enhanced Performance

Some edible sensual products do double duty by helping to improve performance while flavoring the skin with something delicious that begs to be tasted. You can find desensitizing products that can help improve a man's stamina, so that intercourse can last longer. Some hygiene and skin care products designed for promoting sexual health and caring for intimate areas are edible. These products are perfect to apply before foreplay in areas where you expect to be kissed.

Edible Treats for Spicing Up Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of intercourse, as it allows both partners to grow aroused and ready. When foreplay is exciting and enjoyable for you both, you'll feel more in the moment and be able to focus on experiencing and giving pleasure. Edible sensual products are a simple way to bring something new to foreplay. Body butters, paints, dusts and lotions that are edible and have delicious flavors like chocolate can be used in many different ways in the bedroom. You can shop for a product together or pick up something tasty with which to surprise your partner. These types of products can also make fun gag gifts or sensual gifts for bridal showers, bachelorette parties and bachelor parties. Gift sets that contain a number of edible treats are even available for gift-giving.

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