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Female Contraceptives

 –  Female contraceptives are designed to help women decrease their chances of unwanted pregnancy and in some cases, also protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There are a wide variety of contraceptive options for women, and by learning more about the primary types, you'll be in a better position to select the right birth control solution for your needs. Talk to your health care provider and then browse our selection of female contraceptives at drugstore.com.
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What Does a Female Condom Look Like?

Female condoms are cylindrical latex sheaths that are inserted into the vagina. One end of the condom covers the cervix, while the other end remains at the opening of the vagina. Like male condoms, this type of contraception works by blocking sperm from entering the uterus.

How Effective are Female Condoms?

When used correctly, most female condoms are 95 percent effective at preventing pregnancy; however, many women find them difficult to position properly, leading to decreased effectiveness. Condoms for women do offer some measure of protection from STIs, but they may not be as effective as male condoms at stopping the transmission of infections. A female condom cannot be used along with a male condom.

Spermicidal Inserts

A large variety of spermicidal birth control products are available for women and are used solely for preventing pregnancy, as they do not stop the spread of STIs. These products come in many different forms, including suppositories, dissolving films and gels, but they all work in the same way. When placed in the vagina, the spermicide causes the death of the sperm. Each product differs in its rate of effectiveness and method of use, making it very important that you read all of the information provided before purchasing or using a spermicidal birth control product.

How Does the Sponge Work?

Sponge contraceptives combine both barrier and spermicidal birth control techniques. This form of contraceptive is a polyurethane sponge that contains spermicide. The sponge is simply removed from its package, inserted into the vagina, fitted over the cervix and then thrown away after use. Unlike female condoms, a contraceptive sponge can be left in place for up to 24 hours, and you may have intercourse an unlimited number of times during that time period without needing to use a fresh sponge the way you would a female condom.

How Effective is the Sponge?

Studies have found that sponge contraceptives are not as effective for women who have already given birth to a child. For women who have not been through childbirth, the sponge is 91 percent effective, while for those who have, it only has an 80 percent effectiveness rate. The sponge does not protect against STIs, and the effectiveness depends on the sponge being used correctly.

Birth Control Pill Accessories

Prescription oral contraceptives are a very popular form of contraception for women because they greatly reduce the likelihood of unwanted pregnancy. In order for birth control pills to be maximally effective, most varieties must be taken every day at about the same time. Often times, women struggle to remember their pills and may skip or delay doses, increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy. To solve this problem, oral contraceptive cases outfitted with alarm mechanisms or text reminder systems are available.

Discreet Purchasing

If you're in a committed relationship, talk to your partner about contraception and what methods you're considering. When you're ready to make your purchase, you can be sure that drugstore.com will ship your order discreetly and that the merchandise you receive will be of the finest quality.

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