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Flavored Condoms

 –  Condoms have come a long way since the first vulcanized rubber models were made available for purchase back in 1855. Now, condoms come in many different varieties to fully meet the needs of the couples that use them. One of the more modern condom innovations is the flavored condom. While these condoms can be very beneficial for certain types of intercourse, it is important to fully understand their benefits and drawbacks before using them. You can find a variety of flavored condoms here at drugstore.com
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What is a Flavored Condom?

Flavored condoms are typically made out of latex. The condoms are coated with a special lubricant that contains sugar and flavorings. Many different types of flavored condoms are available, allowing couples to select a taste that they enjoy. The contraceptives may be sold in a package with just one variety or in a multi-pack that contains two or more flavors with which couples can experiment.

How Are Flavored Condoms Used?

Most often, flavored condoms are used during oral sex. Although pregnancy is not a concern for women performing oral sex on their male partners, several STIs can be spread orally. Among these are herpes, gonorrhea and HPV. Unprotected oral sex can also increase the risk of HIV transmission if the woman or man performing it has open cuts or sores in her or his mouth.

Why Used a Flavored Condom?

Many couples are reluctant to use traditional condoms during oral sex because the taste of latex is unpleasant and can cause some people to gag. For these individuals, a flavored condom can make oral sex more pleasurable for both partners.

Some couples are also curious about using flavored condoms during vaginal intercourse. They may want to switch between oral sex and vaginal sex before a man climaxes. Others want to use flavored condoms for vaginal intercourse, so that oral sex can be performed on a woman afterward without the unpleasant lingering taste of latex. While flavored condoms are effective at preventing pregnancy, they may not be a fitting option for some couples. The sugar contained in flavored condoms can lead to yeast infections, particularly in women who frequently develop them. In addition, the lubricant used to coat these condoms can cause vaginal irritation for some women and men.

Tips for Using Flavored Condoms

If you do decide to use flavored condoms during vaginal intercourse, the vaginal area should be cleaned with soap and water afterward to decrease the likelihood of side effects. It is also important that you use a fresh condom every time that the man ejaculates. Reusing a condom can cause the birth control method to fail. No matter what type of intercourse you intend to engage in, it's important to fully read the instructions for use that accompany your flavored condoms.

How to Shop for Flavored Condoms

When shopping for flavored condoms, it's important that you select products made by reputable manufacturers. There are some novelty flavored condoms sold at joke stores and sex shops that are poorly made, and as a result, many break and increase the risk of pregnancy or the transmission of STIs. drugstore.com carries high-end flavored condoms produced by well-known brands, not novelties. By purchasing your condoms here, you can be sure that you're receiving a safe contraceptive solution that will be shipped discreetly to protect your privacy.

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