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Flavored Lubricants

 –  Keeping your sex life new and exciting can go a long way toward ensuring both your and your partner's satisfaction. Using flavored lubricants is one way to bring sparks to the bedroom, and drugstore.com has many delicious options available. We will ship your order right to your door in discreet packaging, so that you can experiment with something new and be confident that your privacy will be protected.
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Sliquid Sea, Natural Intimate Lubricant- 4.2 fl oz
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What Is a Flavored Lubricant?

Personal lubricants are products that are used to reduce friction during sex. Slippery and sleek, a lubricant can make anal and vaginal penetration easier and more comfortable for both partners. Lubes come in many different varieties, and flavored lubricants are one popular type. A flavored lubricant includes ingredients that have a pleasing taste. The flavoring agents are often natural ingredients, and most flavored lubes are water based. This means that they wash off with water and have a lightweight consistency that does not leave behind greasy residue.

Flavored Lubricants for Oral Sex

One of the most popular uses for flavored lubes is to make safe oral sex more pleasant for the partner performing the act. While oral sex does not lead to pregnancy, many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be passed from one partner to another during oral intercourse. Some STIs that are known to be spread during oral sex. Using a male condom during oral sex performed on a man and a dental dam during oral sex performed on a woman can reduce the risk of transmitting an infection. Unfortunately, dental dams and male condoms often have an unappealing taste. Water-based flavored lubricants do not damage dental dams or male condoms, so they are safe to use with these forms of protection. Applying a flavored lube can improve the taste of safe oral sex to ensure that both partners enjoy the experience.

Other Benefits of Flavored Lubricants

Flavored lubricants aren't just for couples that want to practice safe oral sex. If you are in a monogamous relationship, using a flavored lubricant to address symptoms of vaginal dryness or make anal sex more comfortable can add excitement to the experience, as your partner's genitals will have a pleasing taste after lubricant is applied. Couples who use condoms as a form of birth control may also enjoy flavored lubricants, particularly if the male partner will be performing oral intercourse on the female partner after sex.

Choosing the Right Flavored Lube

There are many types of flavored lubricants on the market today, which can make deciding which one to use a challenging task. Start by considering the flavors, looking for a type that is appealing to your or your partner's palate. Some flavored lubes come in multi-packs that provide more than one flavor with which to experiment. After you have narrowed down your search to condoms with flavors that you enjoy, be sure to read the product descriptions. Make sure that the lubricant is safe for use with your desired form of birth control or protection.

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