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Flavored Lubricants

– Designed to put an enjoyable twist on your sexual encounters, flavored lubricants add a delightful twist to the sexual experience. In fact, foreplay has never been as much fun as it is now with all of the sex toys that are available. This one, in particular, gives lovers a great way to add a little flavor to their sexual encounters.

Flavored lubricants, which are known by a variety of names, including sexual enhancers, naughty creams, sexual wellness lotions, erotic moisturizing gifts, flavored lubes, and sex lubes, come in a medley of titillating flavors that put some added deliciousness into the oral-sex experience. READ MORE ABOUT FLAVORED LUBRICANTS »

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Some versions even create the sensation of heat without actually producing any, giving your sexual foreplay an added touch of pleasure.

Available in a variety of packaging styles, flavors, and names, personal lubricants are designed to enhance the pleasure of performing certain sex acts. Since normal vaginal/anal lubricants are often just as digestible as flavored ones, it is important to focus your quest on products that actually claim to be delicious as well as edible. After all, if you are going to go the extra mile, you might as well enjoy it thoroughly.

Most flavored lubrication products make use of artificial ingredients to create their tastes, but it is possible to find products that are completely organic or vegan friendly. What you decide to use is an entirely personal decision, and your choices are many. Therefore, you might want to practice a little bit of experimentation with your purchases as well as with your sexual proclivities.

What to Buy and What Not to Buy

The only rule here is that you should enjoy what you buy enough to actually use it. If you are new to this world of edible pleasures, try sticking with your preferred flavor choices for gum and/or mints. There's a good chance that you'll pick a winner that helps you to have a successful experience.

Why Use Flavored Lubricants?

If you are ready to steam up your bedroom, delay reaching climax for longer lasting fun, achieve a longer-lasting erection, and discover easier penetration, especially for anal sex, it might also be time to experiment with just the right amount of sweetness for that magical moment. In fact, you'll keep smiling throughout your erotic experience as you enjoy lip-smacking good lubes that taste of sun-ripened strawberries, warm vanilla or cinnamon, or any number of other fruity concoctions.

If you want to add a bit of zest to your oral sex life, flavored lubes are the perfect way to do so. The sheer variety of flavors is dizzying. Flavored lubricants enhance the oral-sex experience, adding enjoyable tastes that titillate the tongue while ramping up the blowjob or cunnilingus act considerably. Many of the personal lubricants that are available today are water-based, so they are easy to clean up once you've finished enjoying yourself. Of course, your flavored lubricant is also safe to use with condoms and sex toys. Check out the amazing variety that includes creams, gels, gel strips, single-use packets, and more! BACK TO TOP »