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 –  The pelvic floor muscles play a vital role in a woman's body, providing support for the urinary system as well as for the reproductive organs. When the muscles of the pelvic floor become loose or weakened, it has a profound impact upon both of these important systems. Women with reduced muscle tone may leak urine when they cough, run or laugh, or they may receive less pleasure from orgasms. In addition, poor muscle tone in the pelvic area can make the vagina feel looser during intercourse, affecting the enjoyment of a woman's partner. At drugstore.com, we offer Kegel products designed to help women restore muscle tone and regain control.
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How Do Kegel Balls Work?

Intimate balls or kegel balls are among the most common forms of kegel exercisers. These toys are made of plastic or silicone and contain weights in their interiors. Most sets contain two connected balls, though some consist of three or more. When the balls are inserted into the vagina, they shift about, causing the pelvic floor muscle walls to flex to support them. After wearing the toys inside for the day, the wearer removes them by pulling on a handle or string.

What is a Stick Kegel Exerciser?

Stick kegel exercisers are different than intimate balls in that they require active exercise and are not simply inserted into the vagina and allowed to work over the course of the day. Stick exercisers are sticks or rods outfitted with weights. To use these exercisers, women must stand with their legs apart and push the rod into their vaginas until at least one of the weights is inside. Then, the woman flexes her muscles and attempts to hold the toy in place for a set number of seconds or minutes.

Tightening Creams

Some women find that using tightening creams along with kegel toys leads to faster results. These topical products are designed to encourage muscle development and to tighten the vagina through a variety of ingredients. Some of these formulas also double as sexual lubricants to make intercourse more enjoyable. It's important to carefully read the ingredients of tightening creams prior to lovemaking, as products that contain oil are not safe for use with latex condoms.

What to Expect

Kegel exercisers do not deliver results over night. Benefits from these toys develop gradually over time, provided that you use them on a regular basis. By selecting the right toy for your needs and using it as recommended by the manufacturer, you'll have the best chance of seeing an improvement in the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.

Why Use Kegel Exercisers?

There is a wide variety of reasons why a woman might benefit from a kegel exerciser. Whether you have gained weight, stretched your tissue during childbirth, have lost definition due to hormonal changes from menopause or simply have a genetic predisposition to weakened muscles, you can stop feeling embarrassed about your symptoms of poor muscle tone and enjoy both intercourse and your daily activities more than you do now. Take action by ordering one of the high quality kegel exercisers sold here at drugstore.com.

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