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 –  The key to comfortable intercourse that is pleasurable for both partners is ample lubrication. Without lubrication, friction during vaginal or anal intercourse can be painful and even dangerous for the receiving partner. At drugstore.com, we carry a variety of lubricants to suit your tastes and your needs. Choose from the most basic formulas to enhancing products with special features. Browse our extensive selection of lubricants for all of your most intimate needs.
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Replens Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer with Reusable Applicator- 14 ea
Replens - Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer with Reusable Applicator - 14 ea
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Replens Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer Pre-Filled Applicators, 8 Pre-filled Applicators- 8 ea
Replens - Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer Pre-Filled Applicators, 8 Pre...
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K-Y Personal Lubricant Liquid- 5 oz
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Many women state that the amount of natural lubricant produced by their bodies is not enough, and in such cases, personal lubricants can greatly improve their intimate experiences. Using a fine quality lube is also crucial during anal intercourse in order to prevent pain and injury for both homosexual and heterosexual couples. In addition, sex lube can be utilized during foreplay to enhance a person’s excitement or during masturbation to increase the likelihood of climax.

Because a lubricant can play such an important role in sexual intimacy, many different companies produce their own brands of lube. With many varieties from which to choose, you're sure to find a solution that is perfect for you and your partner's needs.

Water-Based Lubricants

Sexual lubricants are often categorized by the ingredients from which they are made. Specifically, the bases of their formulas are often used to separate them into types. Water based lubricants have water as their base, making them easy to wash off with water after intercourse. Many people prefer the lightweight consistency of water based lube, but for some, it becomes absorbed by the skin too quickly.

Silicone Lubes

Silicone based lubricants have silicone as their base, making them insoluble in water. To remove a silicone-based lubricant, it is necessary to use soap and water, which some people find inconvenient after intercourse. A silicone lube will typically not require reapplication during intercourse and can even be used in a tub, hot tub, shower or pool.

Vaginal Moisturizers

Some women become lubricated during sex and foreplay, but find that the amount of lubrication is not sufficient. In these instances, a lightweight vaginal moisturizer is an ideal choice. Applied to the vagina instead of the penis like most lubes, the moisturizer supplements a woman's natural moisture. These products can also be used to alleviate dry skin on the vulva.

Flavored Lubes

Many lubricants are designed to make intercourse more adventurous. Flavored lubes are popular with couples that want to engage in both oral and vaginal or anal intercourse. Warming and tingling lubes add new sensations that many people find heighten the intensity of their climaxes.

Can I Use a Lubricant with a Condom?

One of the biggest mistakes that sexually active couples can make is to substitute lotion, massage oil or petroleum jelly for a genuine personal lube. This can lead to irritation on the genitals and urinary infections. In addition, oil-based products can weaken latex condoms, causing them to break and raising the risk of accidental pregnancy and spreading STDs. Always use a product specifically designed as a personal lubricant to protect yourself and your partner.

Here at drugStore.com, we make it easy, safe and secure to purchase lubricants online. We will ship your purchase discretely, eliminating the fears of embarrassment that make many hesitant to purchase a personal lubricant at the store. Start shopping our huge selection of lubes today and enhance the enjoyment of your sex life.

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