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Mini, Bullet & Egg Vibrators

 –  For women, vibrators can be used for personal exploration or heightening experiences with a partner. When used during masturbation, adult toys like mini, bullet and egg vibrators can be utilized to stimulate the clitoris and vagina, making self-stimulation more pleasurable. Self-exploration with these types of toys can also help women learn what gives them the most pleasure, so that they are better able to communicate their sexual needs to their partners. Discover a world of new sensations with our selection of mini bullet and egg vibrators at drugstore.com.
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Couples who use vibrating minis, bullets and eggs often find that foreplay is more intense. Women who have difficulty becoming fully lubricated or achieving a satisfying climax with a partner often discover that adding a vibrator makes all the difference in both sexual performance and pleasure. Whether you're looking for sex toys to use with another person or on your own, you'll find many options in our mini, bullet and egg vibrator range.

What Is a Mini Vibrator?

As their name suggests, mini vibrators are smaller versions of full-size vibrating sex toys. They are often rod-shaped with a rounded tip, and some are designed to resemble miniature penises. These sex toys may be held against the clitoris or used to penetrate the vagina; however, some women find that their small size makes them difficult to fully grip during insertion. Mini vibrators are often preferred by women who wish to be able to easily conceal their sex toys. Because of their small size, these vibrators can be tucked away in a drawer or carried in a handbag or piece of luggage. Some are even designed to look like other objects, such as tubes of lipstick, to make them less conspicuous.

How Does a Bullet Vibrator Work?

Bullet vibrators vary in size and may be made from silicone, plastic or metal. These toys are shaped like bullets and are typically attached to a box that has controls for the toy. This type of vibrator is largely use for vaginal stimulation and is designed to be inserted into the vagina. The cord allows for deep penetration, and as a result, some women are able to use these toys to stimulate their G-spots. The control box makes it possible to turn the toy on and off and adjust its speeds. Like mini vibrators, the actual bullet portion of these toys is smaller than dildos and clitoral stimulators, but these vibrators are harder to hide because of their controls.

What Are Egg Vibrators Good for?

An egg vibrator is very similar to a bullet in many ways. These toys are also primarily used for vaginal penetration; however, they are usually larger in size than bullets, making them the most difficult to conceal. The larger size and oblong shape of the vibrator allows it to stimulate more of the vaginal canal. As a result, these toys are often better able to reach the G-spot.

Start exploring the mini, bullet and egg vibrator range here at drugstore.com to find sex toys that can enhance your love life or help you to enjoy masturbation more. Whatever you select, you can rest assured that we will ship your order discreetly to keep your purchase private.

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