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Novelty Vibrators

 –  Whether you're relieving tension on your own or experiencing pleasure with a partner, intimate moments are meant to be deeply enjoyable and satisfying. Novelty vibrators can help to put a new spark in self-stimulation, foreplay or intercourse with their unique designs. At drugstore.com we have many novelty vibrators available to add to your collection of adult toys, and your order will be sent to your home discreetly to protect your privacy.
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What Is a Novelty Vibrator?

Novelty vibrators are a category of sex toys that produce buzzing vibrations with the use of batteries or power from an electrical outlet. For a toy to be considered a novelty model, it must have some type of innovative features that make it different from the standard internal and external vibrators available on the market. You may choose to purchase a novelty vibrator to add more variety to your self-stimulation or partner play. These types of vibrators are also popular gag gifts and sensual gifts because of their imaginative designs.

Cleverly Disguised Sex Toys

Disguised sex toys are one of the major types of novelty vibrators. These vibes are designed to look like other products rather than like standard sex toys. Often, the toys are made to look like items that women use on a daily basis, such as tubes of lipsticks. You can also find vibrators disguised as jewelry and other everyday items. If you are concerned about someone finding your vibrator at home, you may want to purchase a disguised vibrator, which will be difficult to spot unless it is closely examined. Choosing disguised vibrators can also help to protect your privacy while you travel, particularly if you will be passing through airport security. You can also give a disguised vibrator as a clever gift to a woman.

Humorous and Imaginative Designs

Sex and masturbation are meant to be enjoyed, and finding ways to make these experiences more playful can help you to relax and get deeper satisfaction. Some novelty vibrators are designed to make self-stimulation and foreplay more fun with their designs. You can find vibrators in a number of unusual shapes. A vibrator may look like an animal, or it may have a funny message written on it. Choosing a toy like this can help to break the ice if you want to introduce a vibrator to your partner. You're also sure to get a laugh if you give a funny or whimsical vibrator as a gift.

Other Types of Novelty Vibes

Vibrators may be classified as novelties simply because they have very unique designs that break from the traditional look of standard vibrators. For example, some novelty vibrators are designed for hands-free use. They may be hidden inside of a pair of panties or be mounted on a harness that is worn around the waist or lower body. Some novelty vibrators are made for simultaneous use by a man and a woman. These toys provide vaginal or clitoral stimulation for her and perineal or anal stimulation for him. You can browse the wide selection of novelty vibrators at drugstore.com to discover even more unique sex toys to enhance your sex life.

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