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Personal Grooming For Him

 –  To perform your best in the bedroom, you need to feel confident, and good personal hygiene can go a long way toward helping you focus on enjoying the moment. drugstore.com can help you deal with grooming concerns from unruly body hair to unwanted body odor with a wide assortment of intimate care products made with the needs of men in mind. We have everything that you need to smell, feel and look your best in the heat of the moment.
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Body Hair and a Man's Body

Body hair is a natural part of the human body that is used to help maintain body temperature by assisting with sweating. Although every man has hair on his body, thick growth on the chest, on the stomach or in the pubic area can prove embarrassing for many men. Some men prefer to have smooth, hairless body skin, while others like to keep body hair trimmed to a short length to make it less dense. Whether or not you choose to groom your body hair and how you prefer to address growth are personal decisions that you can make based on your own preferences; however, it is important that you use products intended for use in intimate areas to avoid irritating your skin with hair removal.

Depilatory Hair Removers

One method of dealing with male body hair is using a depilatory. These hair removal products consist of chemical-based creams or lotions. When applied to the skin, the depilatory reacts with the protein fibers in body hair, causing them to soften. As you wipe away the depilatory cream, the hair in the treated area comes off as well, leaving behind smooth skin. Results from the use of a depilatory for men typically last 1 to 2 weeks. Minor temporary skin irritation is a common side effect of this method of hair removal.

Shavers and Trimmers for Sensitive Areas

Just as you shave to remove hair from your face, you can also use a razor to deal with body hair; however, ordinary facial razors are typically not ideal for use in the genital area, under the arms or on the chest. For these types of tasks, it is best to use a body razor or shaver, which has a specially designed head to fit the contours of the body rather than the face. If you prefer to cut body hair to a shorter length rather than remove it completely, you can purchase a battery-operated trimmer to simplify the task.

Solutions for Battling Body Odor

Many men develop unpleasant body odors in the pubic region over the course of the day. The dark, moist conditions in this area give rise to bacteria, which produce foul odors, but these unpleasant scents can be addressed with personal grooming projects. You can use pre-moistened wipes to cleanse the skin and leave it smelling fresh. Deodorant products can also be used to address body odor by killing the bacteria that gives rise to unpleasant smells. A small number of these personal deodorant products also include pheromones, chemicals that some people believe can attract the opposite sex.

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