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 –  Our sense of smell has a remarkable impact on the rest of our bodies, even if we do not realize it. Some scents just seem irresistible and make us feel drawn to those who fill the air with them. If you're looking to stimulate your partner's sense of smell, pheromone products from drugstore.com can help. We have a wide assortment of pheromone products for him and for her that you can use to inspire passion and desire in your partner.
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What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by animals. These chemicals were first discovered decades ago and are just beginning to become understood by science. Animals use pheromones to communicate with one another. The scent of these chemicals is not usually detectable by animals outside of a given species. Often, the pheromones that animals release are used to attract partners for mating. The discovery of pheromones has led researchers to wonder whether or not humans may produce similar chemicals that could affect sexual behavior and have the power to attract members of the opposite sex.

Do Pheromones Work?

While scientists are still working to prove that pheromones have these powers, many people use products that contain pheromones, believing that they do make them more appealing to their partners or to strangers.

Pheromone Products with Odor-Fighting Powers

Scent does have a remarkable impact on sensuality. When a partner smells attractive, feelings of desire may be heightened. Similarly, an unpleasant body odor can kill the mood. Some pheromone products are designed to address body odors while leaving behind fragrances that contain pheromone ingredients. These deodorants work by fighting odor-causing bacteria in the underarms and intimate areas, so that skin smells fresher and cleaner. Typically, pheromone deodorant products are formulated specifically for men or for women.

His and Hers Pheromone Fragrances

Many men and women spritz or roll on perfume or cologne before going on a date, heading to a bar or club or cuddling up with a partner. Fragrance products can boost one's confidence and add to a person's natural appeal. Pheromone fragrance products are designed to provide the confidence-boosting appeal of traditional cologne and perfume products while also leaving pheromones behind on the skin. These sexual health products should generally be applied to the pulse points, which include the throat and the wrists. Pulse points are areas of the body where warmth is concentrated, and the increased temperature in these areas helps to release the fragrance into the air to make it more noticeable. Like deodorant products, pheromone fragrance products come in his and hers varieties.

Pheromones for Sensual Skin Care

Smooth, supple skin that is silky and soft is wonderful to touch and can be very pleasing to a partner. Often times, men and women develop dryness, which detracts from the texture and appearance of the skin tissue. Body lotions and creams can help to restore hydration to the tissue to make it feel and look more attractive. You can find sensual cream and lotion products that are enriched with pheromones, adding the power of scent to your body skin care routine.

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