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Sensual & Romance

 –  Even when a couple has great sexual chemistry, lovemaking can become routine in long-term relationships. As a result, sex may become less enjoyable, and couples often make less time for intimacy. When the sexual aspect of a relationship is lacking, resentment can build, leading to other problems. Many people find that by introducing new things in the bedroom, they can recapture the spark in their relationships and reconnect with one another. Let us help you add spice to your sex life. Start by exploring the many sensual and romance products at drugstore.com.
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Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion- 5 ea
Doc Johnson - Hot Motion Lotion - 5 ea
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Sensual and romantic products are designed to help couples explore what brings them pleasure and experiment with one another. In a relationship where there is mutual trust, these products can spice things up and keep sex fresh. By finding new ways to pleasure one another, couples can deepen their bonds, and they often find that their relationship becomes more meaningful in all other areas as well. For couples looking to experiment, there are many sensual and romantic products available to try.

Vibrators for Couples

Sensual products or sex toys come in many different forms, giving couples many ways to experiment with their bodies. Personal vibrators are one popular option that many couples enjoy. Toys like g-spot vibrators can be used during foreplay to increase excitement or used during oral sex to enhance a woman's experience.

What Are Strap-On Dildos Used for?

Strap-on and hand-held dildos are for foreplay as well as anal and vaginal intercourse and are popular with both homosexual and heterosexual couples alike. To ensure the safety and comfort of both partners, these toys should be used with a personal lubricant.

Sensual Massage

Sensual and romantic products don't only include sex toys. Many couples find that a sensual massage is an excellent way to get into the mood before lovemaking. Massage oils make a rubdown even more enjoyable, and some of these products also have the added benefit of doubling as a lube. A few varieties of massage oils contain aromatherapeutic ingredients or pheromones, which are said to enhance arousal and make climaxes more intense.

Edible Treats

Another way to add variety to foreplay and intercourse is with edible treats. These flavored products can be applied to erogenous zones and then licked or sucked away, exciting both partners in the process. Body frosting, body fondue and flavored gels are all examples of sensual edible products that are perfect for couples.

What Is Position Furniture?

For couples that want to experiment with new positions, positional furniture can be highly useful. These cushions, wedges, mats, swings, harnesses and stools are designed to support the body and make intercourse easier and more comfortable for both partners. Because they are designed specifically for lovemaking, they are safer than many homemade alternatives and can help prevent injury.

Sex is a natural part of any relationship, and using adult toys is not something of which couples should be ashamed; however, it is understandable that individuals wish to keep their sex lives completely private. Because we understand the need for privacy, Drugstore.com ships all of our vibrators and other sensual and romantic products discretely. This way, you can feel

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