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Specialty Condoms

 –  Condoms are a convenient, inexpensive and highly effective form of over-the-counter birth control and are one of the most popular contraceptive methods used today. Male condoms are also used to prevent the transmission of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) during all types of intercourse with both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Because the needs of every couple are different, many contraceptive brands offer specialty condoms to ensure a safer or more pleasurable experience for both partners. At drugstore.com we offer a large selection of specialty condoms for all kinds of needs.
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Why Use Thin Condoms?

One of the main complaints that men have about the use of condoms is a decrease in sensitivity. Some men feel that sexual pleasure is diminished when skin-to-skin contact is blocked by the condom. Ultra thin condoms are designed to enhance sexual pleasure by covering the penis with less material. Because they are thinner, ultra thin condoms may be slightly more prone to breakage, so proper, gentle handling is necessary to prevent birth control failure.

What Are Sensitizer Condoms Used For?

For men who want to increase the amount of stimulation possible when wearing a condom but do not want to opt for a thinner style, sensitizer condoms are an excellent alternative. This variety of condom features a lubricant that stimulates blood flow to the genitals to heighten the senses. This variety of specialty condom can also lead to increased pleasure from the receiving partner of anal or vaginal intercourse. Each sensitizer condom is different in terms of the feeling it creates. Some may make the genitals feel warmer or may create a tingling sensation. The main drawback of this type of condom is the risk of allergic reactions to the lubes.

How Are Ribbed Condoms Different?

Many men find that their own pleasure increases when their partners are pleased. Textured condoms are designed to enhance the experience for the receiving partner of intercourse. These specialty condoms have ridges or bumps along their surfaces. During vaginal intercourse, the textured surface massages the walls of the vagina, increasing stimulation. Some women find that reaching a climax is easier or quicker with the use of textured condoms; however, women who receive more pleasure from clitoral stimulation than vaginal penetration may not receive any increased benefit from the use of textured specialty condoms.

Large and Extra Large Condoms

For men with large penises, regular size condoms can be uncomfortable or more prone to breakage. As a result, contraceptive brands now offer large and extra large condom sizes. It is important to note that men should only select large size condoms if they truly have a need for the increased dimensions. If a condom is too big, it can slip off during intercourse, spilling semen and increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STI transmission. A condom should always fit tightly against the penis with no gaps at the tip. If a condom ends with a reservoir, it should stand straight up when the condom is in place and not sag.

Read the Instructions

The key to a condom's effectiveness is using it properly, making it important that you carefully read the instructions included with your specialty condoms. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the proper use, you'll better protect yourself from STIs and greatly reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

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