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Spermicidal Condoms

 –  Spermicidal condoms are a type of contraceptive worn by the male partner during intercourse. These condoms are lubricated with spermicide to help enhance their effectiveness. When used properly and consistently, the condoms can help to lower the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections and can help to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. drugstore.com carries many different brands of spermicidal condoms to help meet your sexual health care needs.
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How Effective Are Spermicidal Condoms?

Spermicidal condoms are effective pregnancy prevention solutions, though their overall effectiveness is generally the same as that of regular lubricated condoms at preventing pregnancy. After abstinence, male condoms offer the best protection against the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. They can help to reduce HIV risk, provided they are used regularly and correctly during all types of intercourse.

Do Spermicidal Condoms Kill Sperm?

Spermicide contains a chemical that does have the potential to kill sperm. The chemical stops sperm from being able to swim, which results in their death. Only a very thin layer of spermicide is applied to spermicidal condoms, so there is always a risk of some sperm surviving if a condom breaks or tears. Using a spermicidal lubricant in addition to spermicidal condoms may provide increased protection.

Do All of Trojan's Condoms Have Spermicide?

No, not all Trojan condoms are lubricated with spermicide. The brand offers many different styles of condoms in order to fully meet the needs of all couples. Trojan makes lubricated condoms with many different types of lubricant, and several of the brand's products are coated with spermicide. All of the condoms shown on this page have spermicidal lubricant. To view only Trojan products, use the Trojan link at the left under Brands.

Other condom brands may also offer spermicidal condoms, as well as other types of products.

Where Can I Buy Spermicidal Lubricant?

Using spermicidal lubricant along with ordinary latex condoms or spermicidal condoms can help to improve the effectiveness of your contraception. drugstore.com carries spermicidal lubricant in the Condoms and Contraceptives department. Like all of the sexual health care products available for purchase at drugstore.com, the spermicidal lubricants can be delivered right to your door and will be placed inside of discreet packaging to protect your privacy.

What Are the Chances of Getting Pregnant if Using Spermicidal Condoms?

Condoms are highly effective at preventing pregnancy, and the effectiveness rates of spermicidal condoms are generally the same as those for other types of male condoms. Statistically, male condoms are effective 97 percent of the time when used consistently and correctly. This means that for every 100 people that use a male condom correctly, there are 3 pregnancies. Unfortunately, most people do not use condoms correctly, which decreases their effectiveness to between 80 and 90 percent.

The most common reasons for condom failure is not putting a condom on before the penis comes in any type of contact with the vagina, semen spilling when withdrawing from the vagina and failing to use a new condom for each incident of intercourse. Condoms may tear or slip off, making it important that you purchase the correct size for your needs. There is also a risk of condoms breaking, but this generally occurs with less than 2 percent of all condoms sold in the U.S. Carefully inspecting a condom for signs of wear and tear before using it can help you to avoid breakage. Also, do not store condoms in hot or cold places for long periods of time. Avoid storing them in your wallet, where they can develop tiny holes.

What Is the Best Type of Condoms?

The best type of condom will vary depending on your specific needs. Many health experts recommend the use of lubricated condoms made from latex unless there is a risk of a latex allergy. In that case, lubricated non-latex condoms made from polyisoprene or polyurethane may be a good alternative. You may choose to purchase textured, flavored, colored or spermicidal lubricated latex condoms to suit your individual preferences and needs.

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