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Her Supplements

 –  The things we eat and drink affect every aspect of our lives, even how we perform in the bedroom. For women who are struggling with concerns related to sexual well-being, increasing certain nutrients can often help. Supplements are products especially formulated to deliver nutrients and herbs that promote good health and assist with sex-related difficulties. At drugstore.com, we carry a wide variety of sexual well-being supplements to meet the needs of women.
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The most common form of supplement is the tablet, though many brands now offer soft gel capsules because they dissolve quickly and are easy to swallow. A small number of sexual well-being supplements are liquid suspensions that are drunk instead of swallowed.

What Is a Libido Enhancer?

One of the most popular varieties of supplements for her is the libido enhancer. This type of supplement is designed to help women who have lost interest in sex due to stress, hormonal changes in their bodies or other concerns. Formulas designed to boost libido may contain nutrients like arginine and tyrosine or herbs that have traditionally been used as aphrodisiacs, such as damiana, maca, yohimbe and horny goat weed. Some of these products are thought to increase a woman's overall physical energy levels, making her feel more alert and positive in all aspects of her life, not just in the bedroom with a partner. More research is needed to confirm if these herbs offer any real benefits for the libido.

What are Arousal Boosters?

Some women find that although they have a desire for sex or fantasize about it, they have a difficult time actually enjoying intercourse in the moment. They may be dissatisfied with the amount of natural lubrication that they develop prior to lovemaking, or they may struggle to reach an orgasm during any type of stimulation. For these women, special sexual supplements are available. Sometimes called arousal boosters, these products are formulated to help encourage blood flow and circulation, which may lead to heighten sensations during foreplay and sex in some women. These supplements can be combined with additional products like feminine moisturizers and arousal gels.

What is a Secretion Sweetener

A third type of supplement is the secretion sweetener, a specialty variety produced only by a small number of manufacturers. These formulas are intended to affect the taste of vaginal secretions by supplementing certain nutrients in a woman's body. The purpose of taking a secretion sweetener is to make the experience of performing oral sex on a woman more pleasant. Sweetener supplements are very popular with women who for whatever reason have strong-smelling or tasting secretions or whose partners have a difficult time performing oral intercourse.

Are Sexual Supplements Safe?

Sexual well-being supplements are generally safe for most women; however, you should talk to your doctor before taking any type of supplement. Only your doctor can determine whether or not a particular formula is a good match for your needs based on your current health and any medications that you may take. Once your doctor has approved the use of a supplement, you can find the perfect formula here at drugstore.com.

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