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Vibrating and Couples Rings

 –  Want to improve your performance and boost your confidence in the bedroom? Vibrating rings and other penis ring sexual accessories can help make intimate experience less stressful and more pleasurable for the both of you. drugstore.com can help you find the perfect product for your needs. We stock a wide assortment of penis rings, vibrating rings, couples vibrators and double vibrators from top brands like Trojan. All of these products can be shipped to your home discreetly to protect your privacy.
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Sinclair Institute Select Endow Couples' Love Ring, Clear- 1 ea
Sinclair Institute Select - Endow Couples' Love Ring, Clear - 1 ea
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How Do Penis Rings Work?

A penis ring is a flexible ring made out of rubber, silicone or a similar material that is slightly stretchy but still able to hold its shape. These products may also be referred to as pleasure rings, prolong rings or erection bands. Prior to intercourse, a penis ring is slipped over the head of the penis and pulled down to the base of the shaft. Once in place, the ring exerts pressure on the base of the penis, which may make it more difficult for blood to flow out of the shaft. As a result, the penis may stay harder during intercourse. Some men also find that they can prolong lovemaking while wearing a penis ring and that their orgasms are more intense when they finally do climax. Doctors may recommend penis rings to men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction (difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection) or premature ejaculation due to the way that they affect blood flow to the penis.

What Is a Vibrating Ring?

A vibrating ring is a special type of penis ring. One end of the ring is mounted with a bullet-shaped attachment that holds a battery. When the ring is turned on, the bullet vibrates. When the ring is worn on a male partner's penis during intercourse, the bullet rests against the female partner's clitoris. This helps provide extra stimulation and pleasure for her. Some women find that they can achieve climaxes more easily or more quickly if their partners wear vibrating rings. The rings are also often considered a good choice for women who can only climax with external stimulation rather than with g-spot internal stimulation.

What Is a Double Vibe?

A double vibrator looks similar to a vibrating ring, except that it has two bullet attachments instead of just one. The bullets are placed opposite of one another with their tips facing in different directions. During intercourse, one bullet stimulates the female partner's clitoris, providing the same benefits as a vibrating ring. The second bullet stimulates the male partner's perineum, the sensitive skin that lies between the scrotum and the anus. Some men find that this additional stimulation further improves the hardness of their erections, amplifying the effects of the penis ring.

What Is a Couples Vibrator?

A couples vibrator is another type of sexual toy that is used to make sex more pleasurable, but it works much differently than a vibrating ring or double vibe. These products are inserted into the vagina prior to intercourse and are specially designed to stimulate a woman's clitoris while still allowing her partner to comfortably penetrate her. During sex, the male partner can also enjoy the vibrations of the toy along his penis, which adds new sensations to the experience.

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