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Simply Saline

 – For relief of dry eyes, to help unclog a stuffy nose and reduce allergies, or to rinse out potential infection from small skin cuts, a saline solution is an effective, immediate way to address common minor issues. The family of Simply Saline products provides drug-free saline mixtures that can provide prompt relief with simple formulas that match the same natural balance of your tissues. Let these specially formulated mixtures of saline and soothing baking soda (carefully measured in a variety of formulas) provide help.
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Baking Soda: A Brand You Can Trust

For more than a century and a half, the brand name of Arm & Hammer has been trusted for providing the most pure form of baking soda and other natural ingredients. The simple and natural materials they offer in these formulas have been proven to help balance the necessary pH (acid level) of the tender tissues of the eyes, nasal passages and any part of the skin. These formulas are carefully balanced to help allow you to find relief from itchy, stinging eyes, nasal mucus caused by allergies due to inhaled particles, dirt and debris and to reduce the risk of infection from skin injuries. Every formula contrains a mixture of pure baking soda and a balanced level of saline. This matches your natural tears, nasal tissues and your skin, offering relief without upsetting your body’s natural balance.

Natural Care

The family of Simply Saline products provides a means of natural, safe protection. With the variety of applications, you can flush out irritations and infections from eyes, nasal tissues and even cuts. The drug-free ingredients of baking soda and just the right balance of salt allows you to flush out the dirt, grit and wind-blown material from your eyes, nasal passage and cuts. For nasal application, you can use the Simply Saline spray by itself or with your cold or allergy medication - the formulas of these products work hand-in-hand with any other medication you need - it's just that's simple! The washes clean out the residue of pollen and other particles that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Drug-free and sting-free, all of the Simply Saline products provide a simple and natural solution to irritation. Choose mist, spray or swabs to keep your scrapes and cuts clean and clear. From babies, to children and adults, there are simple and natural products to help keep your eyes, nose and skin cuts clean and healthy.

Keep Simply Saline On Hand

At home, or on the go, keep Simply Saline close. With spray, wash or swabs, you’ll always have an array of convenient choices.

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