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 – There is a popular belief that people look healthier and more youthful when their skin is suntanned. While this may be true, sun exposure can have a harmful impact on your skin's long-term health and appearance. Sun exposure can cause skin discoloration, premature fine lines and wrinkles, skin cancer, dryness, and other issues. Fortunately, it is possible to give your skin a sun-kissed look without spending hours by the pool or in a potentially dangerous tanning bed. St. Tropez offers a range of self-tanning options designed to give you a natural-looking glow without exposing you to harmful UVA and UVB rays.
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Self-Tanning Formulas

One of the most popular ways to achieve a perfect tan is by using St. Tropez's signature self-tanning formulas. These products are applied directly to the skin and develop into a bronzed tone over the course of a few hours. With these formulas, you do not need to reapply the tanning product every day. St. Tropez's self-tanning mousses, sprays, gels, and lotions will keep your skin looking tanned for several days, even after you shower. Because of this, many people find it to be the best solution for sunless tanning. If your skin has a darker base tone, St. Tropez offers a range of darker tanning products. By selecting the product that is best for your skin type and tone, you can achieve beautiful results.

Gradual Tanning

If you would prefer a slower option to self-tanning, try one of St. Tropez's gradual tanning products. These products progressively build up your tan over a course of days and applications, allowing you more tailored control over your skin's color. These lotions often provide nourishing benefits, as well, providing you the ability to moisturize your skin while building a tan. St. Tropez also offers firming and anti-aging products that gradually tan your skin. Consider your overall skin care goals and select a product that suits your needs.

Instant Color

On some occasions, there isn't time to wait for your tan to appear and you want more control over the immediate results. St. Tropez has a range of products to help you get the color you want for a big night out, photo shoot, or other special event. These formulas include illuminators, one-use wash-off tanners, and makeup. Each product allows you to customize your look in an instant, whether you want to show off tan shoulders or to add contouring to your cheekbones to improve your appearance in photographs.

Building an Even Tan

On the beach, it is a common sight to see people flipping over to ensure that their tan is even. When applying self-tanning products, it is possible to have some unevenness due to your application and your skin's natural levels of smoothness. To ensure an even application process, St. Tropez has designed application mitts. These mitts help you to evenly apply self-tanning products to your body or face, smoothing it over your skin to evenly distribute the formula. By using the appropriate tools when applying self-tanning products, you can avoid any surprising uneven blotches or missed patches of skin.

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