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 – Daily brushing and flossing is undoubtedly the cornerstone of good oral hygiene, as your toothbrush and dental floss help to lift away the food debris and plaque that accumulate on your teeth and put you at risk for cavities and gum disease. Still, many people find that their oral hygiene routine is not complete with just simple brushing and flossing. Many people also use mouthwash daily to address specific oral care concerns, and if you're struggling with an oral hygiene problem, you can find the perfect mouthwash to complete your daily oral care routine here at drugstore.com.
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Halitosis or bad breath is an embarrassing problem that can have many different causes. Mouthwash is an effective way to freshen your breath and temporarily alleviate symptoms of halitosis. Formulas made for dealing with bad breath frequently come in refreshing flavors, such as mint and cinnamon. As you rinse with this type of mouthwash, the ingredients help to neutralize some of the odor-causing molecules present in the mouth while leaving behind the scents of their ingredients.

Not all mouthwash varieties are simply formulated to improve breath. Some mouthwashes are antibacterial formulas and contain ingredients that have the ability to destroy microbes that commonly colonize in the mouth. These bacteria can not only cause halitosis symptoms, but they also can contribute to oral health problems. Bacteria mix with other impurities to form plaque and tartar, substances that cause tooth decay. In addition, bacteria in the mouth can irritate the gums and make gingivitis and periodontal disease more likely.

Whitening mouthwashes are another popular variety. These products are formulated mainly to supplement the effects of whitening kits and toothpastes used to remove staining from the dental enamel. The mouthwashes contain hydrogen peroxide or related chemicals that can dissolve some of the particles that contribute to discoloration. A whitening mouthwash can be particularly useful for addressing stains between and behind the teeth.

Mouthwash formulas are available to address other oral health concerns. If you or your child frequently develops cavities, your dentist may recommend a fluoride rinse. This type of mouthwash supplies a key mineral that can strengthen their enamel and make teeth less vulnerable to decay. Mouthwashes made for those with dry mouth help to encourage normal saliva production to provide proper lubrication for the teeth and gums. Because dry mouth is a common cause of halitosis, dry mouth mouthwash formulas can greatly improve breath freshness levels for some people.

If you're unsure whether a breath remedy, teeth whitening, dry mouth, anti-cavity or antibacterial mouthwash is right for you, get advice from your dentist. Once you know what type of mouthwash is ideal for your needs, you can return to drugstore.com to find it in a hurry. On the left-hand side of the page, you'll see a complete listing of the mouthwash brands that we carry. By clicking on one of the links, you can quickly refine your search and locate the perfect formula. Shopping on a tight budget? Use the check boxes on the navigation menu to display mouthwash varieties within a specific price range.

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