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Air Freshener and Sanitizers

 –  What's that smell? A clean, fresh-smelling home is a place where your family can truly feel at ease, but often times, odors linger in homes that detract from their overall ambiance. Whether you're concerned about bathroom odors, scents that linger after cooking or another type of unpleasant smell, drugstore.com has the products that you need to freshen the air. We carry a wide variety of air fresheners and air sanitizers with different forms available to suit your household's needs.
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How Do Air Fresheners and Sanitizers Work?

Air fresheners and sanitizers are products meant to improve the way that a room in your home smells, and these products can work in many different ways. Some products work by filling the air with a more pleasant fragrance that covers over the offensive odor. Others contain special ingredients that actually reduce your ability to smell unpleasant odors or that leave an oil-like coating inside of your nose that makes those smells more difficult to detect. You can also find products that act on the molecules that cause bad scents, breaking them down to sanitize the air. An air freshener or sanitizer may contain ingredients that perform more than one function, allowing it to fight odors in multiple ways.

Types of Air Freshener Products

When shopping with us at drugstore.com, you’ll find many air freshener solutions available for fighting odors in your home. To quickly deal with unpleasant smells you can spray an aerosol air freshener can or spritz an air freshener spray. Solid air fresheners and plug-in air fresheners can be placed in a room to deal with odors over a prolonged period of time. If you wish to continuously fight odors while you do a task like cooking, you can light a scented air freshener candle in the area and then extinguish it once the task has been completed.

Other Deodorizing Solutions for Your Home

Air fresheners aren't the only products available for dealing with unpleasant scents. Some products are made to address certain types of odors in a household. For example, many people place baking soda inside of their refrigerators to absorb scents from foods and keep the insides of their appliances smelling fresh. Laundry odor eliminators and fabric refreshers can be used to deal with difficult-to-remove smells like body odor and cigarette smoke to leave clothing and upholstery fresh. You can also purchase air fresheners made especially for use inside of automobiles, so that you can enjoy clean, fresh air when you're on the go.

Tips for Using Air Fresheners

Air freshener products can promote a more pleasant environment throughout your home, but it's important that you use them properly to make your household as safe as it is sweet smelling. Experts recommend that you remove plug-in air fresheners from wall outlets before you travel and that you never leave candles unattended in order to help prevent fires. It is also important to read the safety instructions for the air freshener or air sanitizer that you choose. Some products may need to be stored in cool areas or may need to be kept out of contact with the eyes to ensure safety.

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