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Sugar Substitutes

 –  A touch of sweetness can enhance the flavor of your favorite beverages and foods, but getting that delicious taste with sugar isn't ideal for everyone's diets. If you're looking for a healthy yet natural substitute for ordinary table sugar, drugstore.com can help you find the ideal product to meet your needs. We have a wide selection of sugar substitutes that are derived entirely from natural ingredients to help you treat yourself to something sweet without added sugar.
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Choosing Natural Sugar Substitutes

There are sugar substitutes that are used to add sweetness to foods and drinks without adding table sugar or sucrose. Many people prefer to use sugar substitutes to reduce the number of calories that they consume on a daily basis or to control their blood sugar levels. There are many sugar substitutes on the market. Some of the most commonly used products are made from chemicals. While these products do effectively sweeten foods and drinks, there are some concerns about the safety of the chemicals when they are frequently consumed over a long period of time. As a result, people may choose to use sugar substitutes that are made from plants and other natural substances. Natural sugar substitutes vary greatly in their calorie content and the number of carbohydrates that they contain. You can talk to your doctor about which type of sugar substitute is the right choice for your diet.

What Is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural sweetener that has become very popular in recent years. The product is made from a plant that grows in South America and has been used as a cooking ingredient in the region for centuries. Compared to table sugar, stevia is 200 times sweeter, so a little bit of the sweetener goes a long way. The sweetener does not raise blood sugar levels, and it is a calorie-free option like many artificial sweeteners. Pure stevia is considered a dietary supplement in the United States and is available in liquid and powdered forms. You can also purchase blends that contain highly refined stevia and other natural sweeteners like the sugar alcohol erythritol. There are even liquid stevia products that contain natural flavorings like vanilla or fruit, which can make delicious additions to drinks and desserts.

What Is Agave?

Agave is another popular natural sweetener. It is made from a type of cactus that grows in North America. Typically sold in a thick liquid form, agave is sweeter than table sugar, and it contains roughly 20 calories per single teaspoon serving. This is slightly more than the 16 calories per teaspoon found in table sugar. Although agave is a little more caloric than sugar, it is sweeter so you can use less of it to achieve the same degree of sweetness. In addition, agave may not raise blood sugar levels as rapidly as sugar which makes it a common sweetener of choice among some people with diabetes.

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