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Odor Control

 –  With lots of sweat glands in your feet, it's not surprising foot odor is so common. The combination of wetness and bacteria is responsible for most unpleasant foot odor. At drugstore.com we offer a variety of products to help you take control of smelly feet. Many of these products are formulated with ingredients doctors and podiatrists recommend for controlling foot odor. If you need a little help keeping your feet odor free, explore your options.
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Odor-Absorbing Foot Powders

Odor-control foot powders are formulated with talc or corn starch as well as other odor control ingredients that help soak up excess moisture so your feet stay dryer. Feet that are dry are more resistant to bacteria and the unpleasant smells associated with them. Foot powders also feel nice against your skin, especially on a hot summer day when you're wearing tight shoes. Some foot powders are powerful enough to keep odor in check all day.

Foot Odor Sprays

Do you prefer the convenience of an odor-control foot spray over a powder? Foot sprays made with ingredients like mineral salts neutralize unpleasant foot odor while forming an invisible shield against bacteria. These sprays are available in a fragrance-free form that won't compete with the aroma of your body lotion or perfume. Some odor-control foot sprays contain zinc oxide, a compound that forms an invisible barrier over the skin on your feet to protect them from bacteria, wetness and irritation.

Medicated Foot Sprays

Some foot sprays that control odor contain a medication called tolnaftate that helps keep fungi that cause Athlete's foot in check. At the same time, they help control wetness and odor. These sprays are quick and easy to apply to your feet. Foot sprays made with natural ingredients like mineral salts, essential oils or plant-based ingredients are formulated to control odor and perspiration without medications. A great way to refresh your feet after a long day too!

Shoe Sprays

Odor-control sprays are also available for shoes and sneakers too. Who doesn't have a smelly pair of sneakers hiding in their closet? These sprays are made with ingredients that help combat shoe odor so your feet feel fresher and smell better when you wear them. Not just for shoes, some odor-control sprays can be used on smelly gym bags too.

Other Odor-Control Products

Absorbent insoles slip comfortably inside most shoes. Made of special fabrics that absorb excess moisture and sweat, absorbent insoles cushion your feet as they help keep them dry. For advanced odor protection, foot antiperspirants combine wetness and odor control for those times when you need maximum protection - on a warm day or during a hot, sweaty workout.

Controlling Foot Odor

Sometimes it's not enough to keep your feet clean; they may need extra protection against moisture and odor. At drugstore.com, we have various options available for keeping your feet dry, pleasant-smelling and comfortable.

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