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Preserved Tears - Multi-Dose

 –  Dryness of the eyes can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms from redness to blurred vision to the uncomfortable sensation that you have something stuck in your eye all day long. Despite how the symptoms of dry eyes can interfere with life, getting relief is often as easy as administering an eye drop. Preserved tears from drugstore.com can help to soothe dry eye symptoms. We stock a wide selection of multi-dose products to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.
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Opti-Free Lubricant Eye Drops- .33 fl oz
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Effective Dry Eye Relief Solutions

Dry eye is a common problem that develops when the eyes do not receive enough lubrication from natural tears. This can happen if the eyes fail to produce enough tears or if tears are not high quality. Unless the condition is caused by an underlying medical problem, dry eye is typically managed by increasing the amount of lubrication present around the eye with artificial tears.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may need to apply artificial tears several times per day to keep your eyes lubricated or you may only need to use the drops occasionally when you experience dry eye symptoms. Your eye doctor will provide you with advice about how and when to use artificial tears.

Benefits of Multi Dose Packaging

Artificial tears come in two different forms: single unit and multi dose. A multi dose artificial tears product is packaged in a bottle that contains numerous doses of the eye drops or ointment. Preservatives are added to the artificial tears to keep the solution fresh inside of the packaging and to help keep microbes from growing inside.

Many people find multi dose artificial tears to be a convenient and economical solution for managing dry eyes symptoms; however, if you have sensitive eyes or severe dry eyes symptoms, your eye doctor may recommend that you purchase preservative-free single unit artificial tears instead.

Choosing the Right Type

Your eye doctor may recommend a specific brand of multi dose artificial tears for you to use to manage your symptoms, and you can find it quickly by using the links on the left side of this page. Alternatively, your eye doctor may suggest that you use a heavy ointment or gel or a lighter eye drop from any brand.

Gels, ointments and eye drops are available for purchase here at drugstore.com in single bottle packages and multi-bottle packages. The multi-bottle packages allow you to stock up on artificial tears or have one bottle to keep at home and one to keep at the office.

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