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 –  Menstruation is a natural part of any woman's life, and though it brings with it inconveniences and discomfort, your period doesn't have to interfere with your daily activities. Having the right feminine hygiene products on-hand when your monthly period arrives can help you to manage flow and the symptoms that accompany menstruation. In addition to pain relief products to address cramps, back pain, headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms, you also need products to help you wear your favorite outfits without fear of staining or leaks. drugstore.com has a wide selection of tampon products available to help you deal with menstrual flow and feel confident throughout your period.
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Tampax Pearl Compak Tampons with Pearl Plastic Applicator, Unscented- 20 ea
Tampax Pearl - Compak Tampons with Pearl Plastic Applicator, Unscented -...
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Tampons are a feminine hygiene product that is used to absorb menstrual flow. Alternatives to maxi pads, tampons are inserted into the body, not attached to undergarments. Their thin absorbent cylinders widen once in place within the vagina, allowing them to block the passage and draw in menstrual flow that is released through the cervix. Because tampons are worn inside the body, they give you the freedom to swim and to wear any type of underwear throughout your period. Many women also feel that there is less mess involved with wearing tampons, as menstrual flow is captured before it is discharged.

The amount of menstrual flow that a woman experiences changes throughout a period and can differ from month to month. That's why the makers of tampons offer many different absorbency levels. Options range from light to super or ultra-absorbent strengths, and by selecting the ideal absorbency level for your needs, you can more effectively guard against leaks. Using tampons does carry a slight risk for developing a condition known as Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), and studies have found that using the lightest absorbency to provide adequate protection can greatly reduce the chances of TSS. It is also important to use them as directed and change them with proper timing.

In addition to differences in absorbency, there are other features that set tampons apart from one another. Some tampons are scented to help deodorize the vaginal area and combat odors. These tampons can be used along with feminine cleansing products to keep women feeling fresh throughout their periods. Tampons also have different methods of insertion. Some tampons must be slipped into place with the fingers and are small in size, making them very discreet. Others are larger and come with applicators made of plastic or cardboard, and these are used to position the tampon instead of the hands.

Shopping for feminine care products has never been easier or more affordable than it is when you shop our collection here at drugstore.com. We have all of the best and most popular tampon products on the market available at competitive low prices every day. To find your favorite brand, use the links on the left to view the entire collection of tampons all on one page. Once you have found the perfect feminine hygiene products for your needs and completed your purchase, we will ship your order in discreet packaging, so you'll never have to make another embarrassing trip to the store to stock up on tampons and other feminine hygiene products.

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