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 –  Masturbation is a normal, natural part of life for both men and women, and for men in particular, regular masturbation can help ease tension, stress and anxiety, making life more enjoyable. Masturbators are special sex toys designed to enhance the sensations of masturbation, making it feel more like intercourse with a partner. Because every man's desires are different, we carry a wide variety of masturbators here at drugstore.com.
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What is a Masturbation Sleeve?

Sleeves are the simplest form of masturbator and are very easy to use. These toys are flexible sheaths typically made of silicone. When the toy is slipped over the penis, it makes it easier for a man to slide his hand back and forth over his erection. The sleeve also provides mild pressure on the penis, which can lead to increased sensations.

How Are Cup Masturbators Used?

Cup masturbators are similar to sleeves, except one end of the toy is closed. These toys may be fabricated out of silicone or plastic. Instead of being moved back and forth along the penis, cup masturbators are usually held in place with one hand. While the cup is gripped, the user can thrust his penis into it, simulating the movements of sex. The insides of cups are usually textured to create pleasing sensations. The styles of these toys vary greatly and range from simple toys in a solid color like red or blue to variations that are decorated to look like beer cans.

Why Use an Egg Masturbator?

Egg masturbators are similar to eggs, but both their tops and their bases are more rounded. This makes the opening to the toy narrower, which some men find more pleasurable than the wider mouth of the cup masturbator. The rounder back further increases the amount of pressure on the penis.

Molded and Painted Masturbators

Some masturbators are meant to visually simulate sex while allowing men to physically recreate its feelings. These toys are similar in design to cup masturbators; however, their openings are molded and painted to resemble a vagina, an anus or a set of women's or men's lips. When a man is using the toy and he looks down at himself, he can better imagine having real intercourse, which for some heightens pleasure.

Warming Gels and Lubricants

Sex toy manufacturers produce accessories that can help masturbators feel even more realistic. Warming gels and creams are placed inside of the toy a few minutes prior to use. The ingredients inside of these products make the masturbator feel warm to the touch, so that the sensations produced are more similar to oral or vaginal sex. Many men find that masturbators are easier to use with a personal lubricant. Just be sure never to utilize a silicone-based lubricant with a masturbator that is crafted out of silicone, as this could damage the toy.

Why Use a Masturbator?

Any man can benefit from using a masturbator during self-stimulation. These toys are particularly useful for men who have difficulty obtaining or maintaining erections during masturbation or who struggle with orgasms. drugstore.com has a wide variety of masturbators available to help you add variety and excitement to self-stimulation. Shop our collection now to find the right product to enhance your experiences.

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