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Lotions & Creams

 – With the perfect styling product, getting the hairstyle of your dreams becomes quicker and easier, and there is no type of styling product that is more versatile than lotions and creams. These products can be formulated to address many different hair care concerns, but they all have a similar consistency. Creams and lotions are smooth liquids that contain oils, butters and other ingredients that give them a rich texture. Because there are so many types of cream and lotion styling products made by top brands featured at drugstore.com, we are sure you'll find the perfect one for your needs.
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Getting Hair More Manageable

Need help taming wild locks or sculpting your hair into a trendy style? Some creams and lotions are designed to improve the manageability of all hair types. These products contain mild fixatives that help the hairs stick together and stay in place once they're combed or styled with the fingers. Some are designed for use on wet hair while others are applied to dry hair.

Protect From Heat Or Over Styling

A hair dryer, a curling iron, a flat iron or hot rollers can help you style your hair to perfection, but unfortunately, these styling tools also cause moisture to evaporate from the hair strands. With repeated use, the tools can weaken the hair, making them prone to breakage and splitting at the ends. Protective creams and lotions form a barrier over the strands that lessens the amount of moisture that is lost during thermal styling. This, in turn, decreases the amount of damage and keeps the hair healthier.

Handling Humidity

Anti-humidity creams and lotions also create a thin shield over the hair strands, but instead of keeping moisture in, this seal is designed to keep moisture out. When humidity is high, the hair begins to draw in drops of water, and as a result, sections of the strand swell. This gives rise to frizz and makes the hair very difficult to manage. The barrier created by anti-humidity creams and lotions limits how much water the hair absorbs and consequently fights the formation of frizz.

Give Your Hair Extra Nourishment and Hydration

Leave-in moisturizers are a type of styling cream or lotion designed to restore health to damaged tresses. These products contain nutrients and emollients that penetrate the outer covering of the hair strands. When the formulas reach the middle layer, they help to nourish the hair, leaving it softer and more pliable. A leave-in moisturizing cream or lotion is ideal for those whose hair is stressed due to thermal styling tools, sun damage, hair coloring or other chemical treatments.

Styling Creams And Lotions for Wavy and Curly Hair

Some creams and lotions are designed to enhance the appearance of certain hair types. Curling formulas help to amplify the waviness of curly tresses and reduce frizz, which is a common problem with wavy locks. Texturizing creams and lotions help straight hair curl more easily and add to the effects of curling irons and hot rollers. Straightening formulas relax the hair and help it appear smooth and sleek.

The cream and lotion styling products collection at drugstore.com contains all of the popular types of formulas from top brands. Begin your search for the perfect cream or lotion to finish off your favorite hairstyles. You'll find just what you're looking for in our styling products range.

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