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Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

 –  When shopping for a wheelchair or transport chair, you'll be amazed at all the different styles and features that are available to you. The manual and motorized wheelchairs you can find at drugstore.com can help keep you comfortable and safe while still letting you maintain as much of your independence as possible. Talk with your health care provider and browse our wide selection to choose the product that best suits your specific mobility needs.
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Why Use a Wheelchair?

Wheeled mobility devices give users the opportunity to move around safely from a seated position. Usually, doctors recommend wheelchairs when you have an injury or disability that makes it difficult or impossible for you to stand or walk, even with assistance.

If you are interested in a manual wheelchair, you will have two options to choose between: models that can be propelled by the user and those that require the assistance of an attendant.

What Is a Self-Propelled Wheelchair?

Self-propelling wheelchairs have large back wheels that the user can push in order to move forward and backward. These devices can be maneuvered wherever you want to go--especially if you learn the skills necessary to "pop a wheelie," which allows you to navigate potential hazards like curbs and soft terrain. While using this type of manual wheelchair allows you to be relatively independent, it does require the use of your upper body in order to propel the chair. Therefore, if you have strength or stamina limitations you may not be able to use a self-propelling wheelchair.

What Is a Transport Chair?

Transport chairs are another type of manual wheelchair that you can find at drugstore.com. These chairs don't have the larger back wheels, which means that they can't be controlled by the user at all. Instead, they require the assistance of an attendant to push you around. Transport chairs are much lighter than standard wheelchairs, and they tend to fold up for easy portability in your car. These chairs are generally considered a good choice for anyone who wants to be able to move around easily outside of the house, and they are the only manual option for individuals who are unable to propel their own chairs.

Advantages of Motorized Wheelchairs

Advances in technology have made motorized wheelchairs the most versatile assistive devices currently on the market. These products can be easily controlled via a joystick on the armrest, so they require only minimal muscle control and stamina. With options like rear-, front-, and mid-wheel drive, you can choose your motorized wheelchair based on the sort of control you want to have over the device and the type of terrain you plan to traverse.

All power wheelchairs have the advantage of small wheels, which allow them to have a tight turning radius that's perfect for indoor use. Most importantly, it's easy to control your motorized wheelchair on your own, so you can enjoy renewed mobility without relying on anyone else for assistance.

Depending on the model you choose, power chairs have a wide array of seating options. Ranging from comfortable captain's seats to complex power seating that tilts and reclines, you can find a position that is comfortable for you to sit in all day long.

Whether you need a wheelchair for a few months of healing or will be using one indefinitely, drugstore.com carries all the best options to help you get around safely and comfortably.

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