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 – Scales offer a convenient way to monitor your weight. Scales are also available to check your body fat percentage. Research shows frequent weighing helps with long-term weight control. When you weigh yourself regularly, you're able to make changes to your diet and exercise plan quickly if your weight begins to change. With a home scale, you can check your weight on a daily basis so you know where you stand.
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Why Regular Weigh-Ins Are Important

When you step on a scale, it gives you instant feedback about where you stand from a weight standpoint. By closely tracking your weight, you can see whether your current dietary strategy is working and catch small changes in weight that could lead to more substantial weight gain. If you work out, you may also want to follow your body fat percentage using a scale that also measures body fat. This tells you how your body composition is changing over time. If you exercise, the number on the scale can go up because you're developing more lean body mass or muscle. By following your body fat percentage, you'll get a better idea of whether a rise in weight comes from an increase in muscle mass or whether you're gaining body fat.

Types of Scales Available

In addition to measuring body fat percentage, some scales also estimate body water – how much of your weight is fluid and how much is muscle or fat. The most advanced scales have the capability of measuring five different values: body mass index (BMI), body fat, visceral fat (the fat that deposits around your organs), muscle and total body weight. This gives you more information about your health and fitness status than a conventional scale and allows you to track the readings over time. Some scales can track your weight and the weight of several other users. These scales hold previous weights in memory so you can see whether you're progressing towards your weight goal.

Other Factors to Consider

When choosing a scale, decide whether you want to track just your weight or whether you want a scale that measures additional parameters like body fat percentage. A number of different scales offer this capability. Scales have different weight limits. That's an important consideration if someone in your family is very overweight and needs a scale with a large capacity. Scales differ in their platform size as well. Scales with a wide platform are easier to stand on if you're larger in size. You may also want to consider how the scale will look in your bathroom. Available are models with chrome finishes, black or plain white to enhance the décor of any bathroom.

The Bottom Line

A variety of scales are available that measure not only weight but other parameters like body fat percentage, percentage body water and more. Choose one that best meets the needs of you and your family. These scales give you the feedback you need to stay fit and healthy.

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