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Multivitamins – 50+

 –  It's no secret that we all experience changes in our bodies as we age. Many natural processes slow, and we begin to feel the effects of our years of exposure to free radicals in the environment. Health problems become more common among people aged 50 and over, and studies have found that good nutrition can provide benefits to those with medical conditions in addition to promoting good health in seniors.
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Walgreens Multivitamin Mens 50+, Tablets- 200 ea
Walgreens - Multivitamin Mens 50+, Tablets - 200 ea
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Walgreens Multivitamin Womens 50+, Tablets- 100 ea
Walgreens - Multivitamin Womens 50+, Tablets - 100 ea
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Nutritional Support With Age

As we age, we find that we have different nutritional needs than younger adults. Appetites may change for better or worse and our energy levels are affected. Some people can also be affected financially and they need to find nutritional and appetizing alternatives to their previous diets. This may not always be possible. Alternatively, special multivitamin formulas are available to provide nutritional support to this population. Multivitamins geared towards those over fifty are designed to meet all or part of the recommended daily values of key nutrients that are necessary to maintaining good health. These multivitamins come in many forms from tablets to gel capsules to gummies, and you'll find plenty of different options for your needs at affordable prices here at drugstore.com.

Age Related Vitamin Deficiencies

Certain vitamin deficiencies are common among those 50+. These multivitamins are often formulated to assist with these problems including deficiencies in vitamin D, which is believed by many to be essential to bone health and can be assimilated through time in the sun. Vitamin B becomes more important as we age because studies have found that it may help with memory and mood. Many doctors also believe that vitamin A promotes healthy eyes and protects vision.

Why Do I Need Minerals?

Vitamins aren't the only nutrients that are thought to be important as we age. Minerals play a helpful role in the body, and larger doses of some key types may be necessary. One major health problem among older people is bone loss. Although it is a natural part of the aging process, a reduction in bone strength increases your risk for fractures, making it important that you take steps to keep your bones as strong as possible. Calcium supplementation is recommended for seniors, particularly women, because this mineral is thought to make up much of the bone tissue. Another key mineral for seniors is potassium, which some believe assists with muscle health, nerve conduction, nutrient absorption and the functions of the cardiovascular system.

Regular medical care is essential to your health if you're aged 50 or over. Your doctor can also be a valuable resource when you're selecting a multivitamin. Discuss the matter with him or her and get some advice on what nutrients are most important for your medical and nutritional needs. You can be certain that drugstore.com can help you find whatever your doctor recommends, and that our prices are competitive. We'll ship your multivitamin right to your home, making it easy and convenient to get on the path to good nutrition.

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