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 – Smooth, sleek hair is the mark of tresses that are healthy and vibrant. However, maintaining tresses that are sleek can be challenging, with many factors working against your desire for smooth locks. Frizz is one of those irksome, but seemingly inevitable, issues that can wreak havoc on your hair. Thankfully we offer a range of products at drugstore.com that can fight frizz and even work to protect your hair from heat damage and the overuse of styling tools. Take back control of your beautiful mane.
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L'Anza Healing Strength Neem Plant Silk Serum- 3.4 fl oz
L'Anza - Healing Strength Neem Plant Silk Serum - 3.4 fl oz
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Why Does Frizz Happen?

Frizz occurs for a variety of reasons, most commonly, humidity. When humidity is high, the air features a higher water vapor content-that is, more moisture. This additional moisture in the air can impact your tresses, potentially causing each strand's top layer-the cuticle-to lift. The result is unwanted frizz that can be hard to tame.

What Are Anti-Frizz Gels?

While occasional humid days might be unavoidable, frizz doesn't have to be. If you already apply a styling product such as gel to your locks, why not use one that doubles as an anti-frizz treatment? Some styling gels feature proven formulas that keep strands from expanding due to moisture, a leading cause of frizz. In addition, you can enjoy other benefits of these gels—long-lasting hold in a non-greasy and non-sticky formula.

Fight Frizz And Gain Healthy Hair

Serums might sound like a quick fix for your tresses, and when it comes to fighting frizz, they very well can be. Many anti-frizz serums are available at drugstore.com, and they work to simultaneously fight frizz and restore healthy shine to your less-than-perfect locks. Taming flyaways and protecting the hair from future issues are just some of the benefits of these anti-frizz serums. Whether you have curly or straight tresses, an anti-frizz serum can leave your locks smooth and shiny-and free of frizz-every day.

How To Fight Humidity Frizz

You can also find creams that target frizz. These products are highly effective at minimizing humidity-created frizz and they can also condition and align your strands, which helps stop frizz from forming. Lightweight creams do not weigh your hair down, but they do prevent frizz and other unwanted issues. Envision these products as finishing creams to perfect your style.

Spray The Frizz Away

Finally, you can also opt for an anti-frizz spray, which delivers similar benefits and takes just a matter of seconds to apply. These leave-in products amp up your hair’s shine and moisture while stopping frizz before it starts. Many of these sprays double as leave-in conditioners, thereby working to protect your hair from damage while promoting sleek locks. As the final step in your routine, these anti-frizz sprays can help you create a gorgeous look throughout the day.

What Ingredients Are In Anti-Frizz Products?

Anti-frizz sprays rely on a variety of ingredients to improve your look. Citrus extracts work to enhance the natural shine of your tresses. Microsmoothers work to keep the frizz at bay. Argan oil is another nourishing ingredient that promotes sleek, frizz-free hair. Vitamins A, C, E, and green tea extract are antioxidants that nourish your tresses as they reduce frizz.

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