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Hair Cut Kits

 –  Some hairstyles are extremely simple and there may be no reason for you to shell out the money for a professional haircut when you can get the exact same results at home. drugstore.com has a wide assortment of hair cut kits that contain many of the same clippers and shears the professionals use. Pick out your favorite tools, and you can start trimming or clipping your hair at home.
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Using Clippers to Cut Hair

Electric hair clippers can be used quickly and easily to give you a number of popular hairstyles. A favorite of military personnel, clippers can achieve a standard buzz cut in a matter of minutes. You can also use these tools for more complex styles by using the guards that attach to the head to evenly cut hair to a specific length.

Special Features

Made with a very simple design, electric clippers have two major components: the motor and the blades. Shaped like the teeth of a comb, the blades are powered by the motor and rub back and forth against each other at high speeds to cut hair. Clipper guards attach on top of the blades, creating a buffer. Hair that is longer than the desired length is cut, while shorter hairs don't reach the blades and are spared.

Depending on the complexity of your hairstyle, you can either cut it to a uniform length yourself or ask a friend to help cut the sides and back of your hair to a certain length while leaving the top longer. Clippers can also be used for styles like fades, but you may not be able to get the same tapering result at home that a professional can achieve.

Cutting Hair with Scissors

From trimming your bangs to giving someone a quick and easy haircut at home, it makes sense to have a pair of haircutting shears around the house. Note that you should never use everyday scissors for the task of cutting hair because their blades aren't typically sharp enough to ensure a clean cut. Shears designed for hair care – like those available from drugstore.com – are built ergonomically in order to give you the best control while you cut. You have likely seen the way that your stylist cuts hair using a comb and her fingers as guides, so you will want to emulate this motion as much as possible when cutting hair at home.

Be Realistic

Remember that professionals undergo years of training, so don't try to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to giving yourself or a friend a haircut. Trims tend to be easier, especially if you are just targeting flyaways or cleaning up bangs. You can also deal with thick hair on your own by picking up a pair of thinning shears. No matter what scissors you are using, be sure to cut slowly. It's easy to take more hair off if necessary, but you can't make it instantly grow back. In between uses, you should always thoroughly disinfect your tools using rubbing alcohol or a designated cleansing solution in order to stay safe from infections.

It may be scary at first, but with practice, you'll soon get used to taking control of hair at home. Browse the selection of tools available from drugstore.com today in order to get started.

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