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 –  Personal lubricants can help to make intercourse and self-stimulation a far more satisfying experience, and there are options available to meet every man, woman or couple's needs. drugstore.com can help you find a lubricant that is effective, simple to use and in line with your green philosophy. We stock natural lubricants designed to meet your sexual wellness needs using the best ingredients that nature has to offer. Explore the options now and select the perfect formula for your needs.
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Why Natural Lubricants?

Natural lubricants are intimate care products that serve the same purpose as all other varieties of lube. When applied to the skin, natural lubricants reduce friction, which can make anal and vaginal intercourse, foreplay and masturbation more satisfying and safer. A natural lubricant differs from a traditional lubricant in that its formula is made primarily from ingredients gathered from nature rather than from synthetic ingredients. People who have suffered skin sensitivity due to the use of lubricants in the past may choose to try natural lubricants to get the benefits of using a lube with less risk of irritation. This is because natural lube products are less likely to contain synthetic ingredients that are common skin irritants, such as artificial fragrances and dyes. Many individuals and couples who are trying to use fewer chemicals to green their lives and be more eco-friendly also prefer to use natural lubricants.

Shopping for Lubricants by Base

As you shop for natural lubricants, one of the first things that you'll need to determine is what type of base you prefer. The base of a lube refers to its primary ingredient, the main substance to which the other ingredients in the formula have been added. The majority of natural lubricants are water-based. Safe for use with condoms and nearly all sex toys, water-based lubricants are non-greasy and can be rinsed easily with water. Their thin formulations make them capable of penetrating the skin, which may mean that you'll need to reapply the lube to continue to receive its benefits during intimate moments. Aloe vera-based lubes have a natural plant extract as their base. These formulas can vary greatly in terms of their consistency, and some types may not be safe to use with condoms. Thicker aloe vera lubricants may be slipperier and more difficult to clean than water-based formulas; however, these types will usually not need to be reapplied, as the skin does not easily absorb them.

Natural Vaginal Moisturizers to Soothe Irritation

In addition to natural lubricants, you can also find natural vaginal moisturizers in the collections of natural sexual wellness products. Many women suffer from vaginal dryness due to age, the use of certain medications or various medical problems. The condition can lead to burning, itching and pain during intercourse and should be diagnosed by a doctor. In many cases, physicians recommend that women with vaginal dryness address the problem by using a vaginal moisturizer. These products contain conditioners that soften and hydrate the skin outside of the vagina called the vulva. Natural vaginal moisturizers are typically not thick enough to double as sexual lubricants, so you may need to purchase a second product to help make intercourse more comfortable if you suffer from vaginal dryness.

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