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 –  Your skin has a natural ability to tan in response to sunlight. Exposure to ultraviolet light triggers a defense mechanism in your body that darkens your skin in order to protect it from damage, and it's this mechanism that leads to that glowing tanned look that you love. Unfortunately, tanning is not always foolproof even though your skin is designed to tan. Sunbathing and indoor tanning can actually lead to uneven color or result in skin irritation along with a tanned complexion. Using tanning products before and after your tan can help to promote better results from your tanning efforts, so that you can get a perfectly golden glow.
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Tanning oils and lotions are one of the most popular product types in our tanning products collection. These formulas are designed for application before you lie out in the sun or hit the tanning bed (depending on the type). To help reduce the likelihood of irritation, the formulas typically contain a mild sunscreen, allowing them to protect you from a small fraction of UV rays. You can spot tanning lotions and oils that contain sunscreen by their SPF ratings, and the higher the number, the more ultraviolet B rays a formula shields against.

In addition to sunscreens, tanning lotions and oils contain other ingredients to assist with tanning. Some include nutrients that serve as raw materials for the manufacturing of skin pigments, while others provide the skin tissue with enzymes that are necessary for triggering the reaction that leads to melanin production. The lotions and oils usually feature emollients in their formulas to hydrate the skin and help to replace the moisture that is lost during sun exposure. You'll even find tanning lotions and oils that contain immediate bronzers to make your skin look darker on application, so you feel more confident in your bathing suit while tanning on the beach or at the pool.

The tanning products collection at drugstore.com includes other types of formulas to enhance your tanning experience. In the sun care collection, we carry accelerators that do not provide sun protection and instead simply speed up the process to encourage darkening in a shorter amount of time (and are oftentimes featured in tanning salons). Our after tanning and color extending formulas keep the skin hydrated between tanning sessions, so that color can remain vibrant for as long as possible. You'll even find airbrush tanning in addition to bronzers and self tanners in our collection that can serve as an alternative to sunbathing and using tanning beds.

To find the perfect tanning products for your needs as quickly as possible, you can use our search refinements on the left to zero in on products from one brand or products that are priced within a certain range. At the top of the page, you'll find a drop-down box that will allow you to change the order in which the tanning products are displayed, so that you can view them in alphabetical order, ranked by price or shown in order of their product ratings. To view only best-selling, top rated or natural products, mark the check boxes on the top left. Begin your search for the solutions that you need to get the perfect tan by exploring our collection today!

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