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Natural Shampoos

 –  Whether you are trying to stay away from chemicals or want to do your part to help the environment, many people insist on using hair care products that contain ingredients derived from nature. Made with botanicals and loaded with essential oils, these products nurture hair gently but effectively. The natural shampoos available from drugstore.com are a great way to keep your hair clean while you go green.
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Reasons Why You May Prefer Natural Products

In the last few decades, we have seen more people than ever before beginning to embrace the green movement. A huge percentage of the population has decided to reduce the chemicals they use on a daily basis in favor of natural products made with botanicals and other ingredients that come from the earth. There are several compelling reasons to consider taking the natural route--especially when it comes to personal care products. For some people, it all comes down to the chemicals that you use on your hair and skin. You might feel safer knowing what all of the ingredients in your shampoo are rather than trying to translate scientific jargon. Many studies have also shown that natural ingredients are just as effective as their chemical counterparts, so you should be able to get the same results while still going green.

Other proponents of natural products focus primarily on the impact they are having on the environment. While the planet may seem indestructible, the truth is that it actually exists in a very delicate balance. By leading a natural lifestyle, many people hope to preserve the earth's precious resources for future generations. Knowing that the suds you wash down the drain after shampooing with green and natural products contain ingredients that came from nature to begin with, you can reduce any unnecessary damage to the environment.

Benefits of Natural Shampoos

When looking at natural hair care products--and shampoos in particular--you will find that there are several benefits for your scalp and your hair. All shampoos need to have some sort of detergents in them because these ingredients help target the dirt and oil that collects on your scalp and in your hair throughout the day. Most natural shampoos, however, use coconut-based detergents rather than sulfates. As a result, these products are extremely gentle on your hair and will get it clean without drying it out. Sulfate-free shampoos are also usually safe to use on hair that has been chemically processed via a color treatment or a perm. The chemicals used to dye and perm hair tend to leave it dry and brittle, and natural shampoos can be one of the best ways to restore hair to its former glory (especially when paired with natural conditioners).

Another benefit of natural shampoos is a decreased tendency for them to cause allergic reactions and irritation in most people. Many products also promote hair growth and infuse natural oils and herbal extracts, which can help soothe the skin on your head and fight pesky problems like dandruff, dull hair, or dry scalp.

It's easy to start reaping the benefits of natural shampoos. Browse the wide selection of products available on drugstore.com, and you can start going green today.

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