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 –  Getting a haircut is only the first step when creating your hairstyle, and the types of styling products you use can have a major impact on your overall look. One of the most classic styling aids, hair gel has been used in some shape or form for ages. Today's modern hair gels give you a quality hold, and you can find a wide range of options available from drugstore.com.
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When Should You Use Gel?

Gel is designed to keep hair stiffly in place once it dries, and it doesn't have the same give as pliable hair care products like waxes, pomades, and creams. You should use hair gel if you are looking to achieve a sleeker look that appears wet even once it's dry.

Different Degrees of Hold

Unlike other styling products, gels typically come in different hold categories, which will determine how well they keep your hair in place and how much they will weigh hair down. Choose a light hold gel if you have fine hair or want to achieve a look that is slightly less stiff with more volume. Firm hold gel provides a very strong grip on hair and will keep it slicked back throughout the day. Medium hold gel typically falls somewhere in the middle and may give you the sleek look without quite as much stiffness.

Applying Hair Gel

Gel is one of the easier styling products to apply because its consistency makes it easy to spread through your hair. Begin by towel drying hair so that it's still damp but not too wet. Next, squeeze the desired amount of gel into your hand. Depending on the length of your hair, you may need a dollop as small as a nickel or a much larger amount that fills up your whole palm. To apply gel, you should rub it all over your hair, making sure to target areas like the very back of your head and your sideburns. Proper distribution is one of the most important parts of using gel, so make sure that you've gotten every layer of hair rather than just spreading it across the top.

Tips for Shaping Hair with Gel

Once you have spread gel all the way around your hair, you can decide what style you want to use it to hold. Running your hands through your hair will leave gel to dry in a messier, spikier style while using a comb to control it will result in a much more manicured look. After combing, you can apply more gel as needed to secure any flyaways. You may even want to rub another thin layer of gel across the entire top layer of hair to really firm it up and give it the sleek, wet look that these products are known for. Once gel dries, you should find that it holds throughout the day, but it can always be reactivated by wetting your hands and running them through your hair if it starts to lose its grip.

Gel is used to create many classic hairstyles and it can help you dramatically change up your look quickly and easily. Browse the selection of products available from drugstore.com to find the right gel for your hair today.

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