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Accessories and First Aid

 –  You can't underestimate the importance of taking good care of your eyes. With all that you rely on your vision for, you want to be able to respond quickly if your eyes ever require first aid. Routine care on a daily basis is also very important. Here at drugstore.com, we can help you prepare yourself for emergencies and practice a healthy daily eye care regimen with a wide selection of accessories and first aid products made for the eyes.
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Cleaning Supplies for Eyeglasses

If you're one of the millions of people who wear prescription eyeglasses for correcting your far or near vision, you know how hard it is to see when your glasses start to get dirty. Getting in the habit of cleaning your lenses daily can help you maintain clear vision and help ensure that your eyeglasses last for as long as possible.

Experts advise against the use of ordinary glass cleaners and towels for cleaning glasses, as these materials can damage coatings on lenses. Instead, you can purchase specially designed cleaning cloths that can be used with water or dry to remove fingerprints and dirt. There are also liquid lens cleaner sprays and wipes available to help with cleaning.

Vision Correction Accessories

People who need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction can purchase a number of accessories to assist with eye care. Contact lens wearers may want to purchase spare contact lens cases for storing their contacts and cleansing wipes to use around the eye area before inserting their lenses.

Individuals who wear eyeglasses can purchase tool kits in order to make minor repairs to their glasses and clip-on sunglasses to make it easier for them to see on sunny days. You can also find magnifiers that can make it easier to see fine print and small items when you're not wearing your contacts or glasses.

Solutions for Emergency Eye Care

Any time that you suffer an injury to your eye, it’s important to seek emergency medical attention. However, you may need to respond to the situation at home. When a foreign substance becomes lodged in the eye or you get a harmful chemical in your eye, experts usually recommend that you cleanse your eye as quickly as possible.

When something has actually gone into the eye, you can use a liquid eye wash to flush the eyes quickly. If the substance is on the eyelids, you can gently remove it with cleansing wipes. Having both an eye wash solution and cleansing wipes at home can help you be prepared to follow your doctor's instructions in the event of an emergency.

Dealing with Eye Care Concerns

Depending on your eye care needs, you may need to purchase other types of accessories or wish to have certain first aid solutions on hand. Children may need to wear an eye patch to correct a vision problem called amblyopia or lazy eye, or you may need to use a patch or a special eye compress following surgery or an injury to the eye area. There are other types of accessories available for individuals with eye allergies, dry eyes and other eye conditions. If your doctor has recommended that you purchase something for eye care, you're sure to find it here at drugstore.com.

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