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Size 6

 – As your baby grows and develops into a toddler, she will be constantly on the move. Whether at home or at the park, her developing coordination and agility will take her to places that were previously out of her reach. Whether she is crawling on her hands and knees or becoming more confident on her feet, the diaper that your child is wearing needs to be flexible enough to move along with her. A snug fit around the legs and waist will help to prevent any unwanted leakage.
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Goodnites Boys' Diapers Big Pack, L-XL- 25 ea
Goodnites - Boys' Diapers Big Pack, L-XL - 25 ea
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Pampers Swaddlers Jumbo, Size 6- 17 ea
Pampers - Swaddlers Jumbo, Size 6 - 17 ea
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Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 6 Jumbo Pack- 21 ea
Pampers Baby Dry - Diapers Size 6 Jumbo Pack - 21 ea
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Changing your baby's diapers at this stage can become more of a challenge. Gone are the days when she would simply lie there and gurgle while you eased off her old diaper. Because most toddlers love to move, it can be hard to persuade them to lie still for necessary diaper changes. Baby experts suggest having some small toys on hand to distract your toddler and maintain her interest while you remove the dirty diaper and replace it with a fresh, clean one.

Regular diaper changes are recommended to prevent diaper rash. When a wet or soiled diaper rubs against your toddler's skin for a prolonged period it can cause the area to become red and irritated. Experts advise that you can help to prevent diaper rash taking hold by washing the area thoroughly with lukewarm water each time you change your child and also by applying a barrier cream. Diapers should be changed at least every 3 hours or so. You may need to change your child more often if her diapers become wet or soiled more quickly.

Some diapers contain soothing ingredients that help to keep your baby's bottom comfortable. Aloe, chamomile and vitamin E can all help to keep skin in great condition.

For parents who want to minimize the impact of diapers on the environment, drugstore.com stocks a wide range of green diapers. Cloth diapers have liners that can be washed and reused. Alternatively, you can use cloth diapers with disposable liners that can be flushed away when wet. For parents who prefer the convenience of a disposable diaper but want to be eco-friendly, there are disposable diapers made from natural and renewable material. Eco-friendly disposable diapers are typically chlorine-free and biodegradable.

Diapers designed for overnight wear need to be absorbent enough to last for up to 12 hours. According to parenting experts, an active toddler needs to sleep for between 11 and 12 hours every night. A damp diaper could wake your child before she is ready, leading to grumpiness and irritability. A snug fit is also important. Children move around quite a bit during the night. Their diapers need to move with them to prevent leaks at the legs and waist.

From the range of diapers available, it is important to find one that suits both baby and mom. Your little one will be happy if she feels comfortable and dry, while being able to move around freely. In addition, parents are likely to prefer diapers that are easy to fasten and ones which are offered at a great value or savings.

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