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Hand Sanitizers

 –  When you think about how many germs you unknowingly touch throughout the day, you may feel tempted to just keep your hands safely tucked away in your pockets. Fortunately, you don't have to hide from germs to protect yourself from them. Hand sanitizers make it easy to quickly cleanse your hands wherever you are. At drugstore.com, we can help you find the perfect one to keep your hands clean. We have a wide variety of hand sanitizers available with options for home and traveling.
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EO Organic Hand Sanitizer, Lavender- 2 oz
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Clean Hands for Good Health

Germs are all around you, but frequently washing your hands can decrease the risk of you getting sick from them. Hand sanitizers are products that contain ingredients capable of killing germs. Some of the most effective formulas on the market contain alcohol and can destroy up to 99.9% of many common germs very quickly. Unlike soap, hand sanitizer does not require rinsing, making it perfect for those occasions when you don't have time to lather up your hands with soap and water.

Liquids vs Wipes

Hand sanitizer cleansers are offered in two forms: liquids and wipes.

Liquid varieties come in bottles with pour or pump tops and allow you to decide how much hand sanitizer you use each time you apply it. For the kitchen, bathroom and your desk at work, you can purchase large pump bottles at an economical price. To keep hands clean on the go, you can purchase smaller bottles to stow in your handbag or travel bag.

Hand sanitizer wipes are premoistened towelettes that are used to wipe the hands and then thrown away. People sometimes prefer wipes because they are quick and simple. Like liquids, wipes come in large tubs for use at home and work and in small packages for traveling.

High Tech Sanitizers

Ultraviolet (UV) hand sanitizers offer an alternative to liquids and wipes and are a high tech way to sanitize. These handheld devices use UV energy to kill germs. Not only can you use a UV sanitizer to quickly clean your hands, but you can also use them to disinfect hard surfaces, such as desktops, faucets in public bathrooms, armrests on seats in public places and more. The sanitizers typically run on batteries, and the UV bulbs that they contain can last for thousands of hours.

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