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 –  Whether you are breaking in a new pair of shoes or training hard for your favorite sport, an excess of friction against your skin often results in painful blisters. Luckily, we have a wide assortment of blister care products at drugstore.com. With the right products on hand, you can be more comfortable while your blisters heal and even reduce the risk of future blisters. Browse our extensive product assortment for easy and convenient online shopping.
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How Do Blisters Form?

Most people have suffered from a blister at some point in their lives, as these are some of the most common skin injuries to sustain. Still, you may not know exactly how blisters are formed or the best way to care for them. Put simply, a blister is a fluid-filled bump on the skin. When skin is damaged via intense friction or minor to moderate burns, a blister will often develop as one of your body's natural healing mechanisms. While a new layer of skin grows underneath the blister, the fluid inside the pocket keeps the developing skin clean and provides a cushion to prevent further damage. Eventually, once healing is complete, the blister will generally go away on its own, and the outer layer of skin will slough away.

How Can I Prevent Blisters On My Feet?

Preventing an injury is always preferable to sustaining one, and blisters caused by something rubbing or pressing on the skin are actually very avoidable. The key to making sure you don't develop this type of blister is to decrease the amount of friction against your skin. It is important to wear shoes that fit properly and if your shoes rub against a certain area of your foot, for instance, you can use a product like moleskin padding to lessen the impact. Chafing is another type of friction-induced injury that can worsen into blisters if you don't take the necessary steps for prevention. You'll find a number of anti-chaffing sticks and sprays here at drugstore.com that can be applied to skin anywhere on your body. These products help reduce the risk of blisters that are caused by skin rubbing against your clothes, shoes, or other areas of skin.

How to Treat Blisters

Once you've acquired a blister, one of the worst things you can do is immediately pop it. Not only does popping a blister slow down the healing process, it also creates an open wound that is much more likely to get infected. Instead of popping your blisters, you can choose from a wide range of blister bandages that may help promote healing. These cushioned pads cover the blister and provide an even thicker layer of protection between the new skin developing below the surface and any external threats.

How Do Blister Bandages Work?

Blister bandages can be worn for several days to keep your blister free of germs until the outer layer of skin becomes less necessary and the blister pops on its own. You can also find products such as sprays and balms that are designed to help relieve the pain you might feel on or around your blisters without damaging them or disrupting healing.

Blisters are uncomfortable and can become infected, so it's important that you use our quality blister care products to treat the ones that may have already developed and prevent others from forming in the future. Be sure to speak to your doctor or health care provider if you see any signs of infection around the blister such as pus, redness, or increasing pain.

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