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Lubricated Condoms

 –  Practicing safe sex every time that you have intercourse is essential to protecting your health and reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Condoms are a highly effective way to help reduce the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and can be a reliable form of birth control when used properly and consistently. The lubricated condoms we offer at drugstore.com are frequently recommended by sexual health experts and physicians as an affordable, easy-to-use method of contraception and STI prevention.
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What is a Male Condom?

Male condoms are a form of contraception worn by a male partner that will be penetrating his partner. A condom is a sheath that fits snugly over the penis and has a reservoir tip at its top. When a man ejaculates, his semen becomes trapped inside of the tip of the condom, so that it cannot enter his partner. This can greatly reduce the likelihood of pregnancy during vaginal intercourse.

How do Condoms Work?

When used during vaginal, anal or oral intercourse, condoms can help to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids that can lead to the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Because they are affordable, can be purchased without a prescription and can be used conveniently in the moment, condoms are one of the most popular forms of birth control. For those who choose not to be abstinent, condoms are generally considered the most effective form of protection against STIs.

Why Use Lubricated Condoms?

Lubricated condoms are unique among varieties of condoms available on the market in that they are coated with a slippery substance called a lubricant. The purpose of the lubricant is to help reduce friction, potentially increasing pleasure and making it easier to penetrate the vagina or anus. Many people find that lubricated condoms make intercourse more comfortable for both partners. They can also reduce the risk of condoms breaking, ripping or tearing due to the way that they minimize friction.

What Types of Condoms Are There?

There are many different types of lubricated condoms available. Most are made out of latex; however, there are latex-free alternatives available for people with allergies to the material.

Thin or sensitive lubricated condoms are meant to enhance the sensations experienced by the man wearing the condom, while ribbed lubricated condoms may add new sensations for the partner being penetrated.

Some condoms are lubricated with spermicide, a solution that kills sperm. Keep in mind that in some cases you may still need to use an extra standalone lubricant to make sex more enjoyable even if you are using lubricated condoms.

How Effective Are Condoms?

Lubricated condoms are roughly 97 percent effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly and consistently. However, many people make mistakes when using condoms. These mistakes can reduce the effectiveness down to 80 to 90 percent. Fortunately, many of these mistakes are completely avoidable.

Tips for Using a Condom

Make sure that you put a condom on before making any type of vaginal, anal or oral contact with the penis. Hold the base of the penis when withdrawing to keep the condom from sliding off. Purchase the correct size of condom for your needs, and throw out condoms that are past their expiration dates. Never store a condom in a wallet or keep it in your pocket for long periods of time. Do not reuse old condoms. Throw them away after use.

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