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Ear Care

 – Ear care isn't something most people think about every day, but it can quickly become necessary if a problem with your ears causes pain or interferes with your hearing. Many minor concerns related to ear health and hearing can be addressed at home after you have discussed the problem with your doctor. At drugstore.com, we have all of the essential tools, medications and products needed for healthy ear care, so that you can stock up on what you need to follow your physician's advice.
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How to Clean Ears Properly

Excessive earwax is one of the most common ear care problems, and there are many ways of addressing it. For earwax located outside of your ear, you can use cotton swabs to sweep it away. Doctors typically recommend that you don't attempt to remove earwax from inside the ear canal with a cotton swab, as you could damage or irritate your ear and even impact the wax and worsen the problem.

Ear wax removal drops are considered a safe alternative. Some drops use acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide or sodium bicarbonate to dissolve or break up the wax, while others use oil to soften waxy build up. There are also ear washes that can be used to flush the ears and bulb syringes that can remove wax by creating a powerful suction.

Protecting Your Hearing

Your hearing is precious, and there are ear care products available to help you protect your hearing. Experts recommend the use of hearing protection any time that you're exposed to loud noises for prolonged periods of time, such as when you're riding a motorcycle, firing a gun or using loud tools or lawn and garden equipment. Protection options include earplugs that are worn inside of the ear and earmuffs that are worn over the ears and are attached to a headband. Earplugs come in a variety of sizes, while ear muffs are usually one-size-fits-all adjustable designs.

Hearing Aid Accessories and Care

If you suffer from hearing loss, you may require a hearing aid. This type of medical device must be purchased from a professional audiologist who can help ensure that the aid that you receive is the right fit and strength for your needs. When you receive your hearing aid, the audiologist will provide you with instructions regarding how to clean and maintain it. Special brushes and air blowers may be used for daily maintenance, and you'll likely need to change a battery on a regular basis to keep your hearing aid functioning at its best. You can find these ear care essentials here at drugstore.com.

Solutions for Ear Care Concerns

If you experience pain or ringing in your ears, it’s important to see your doctor to determine the cause. He or she may then recommend that you use over-the-counter products to care for your ears as a part of your treatment plan.

For frequent swimmer's ear or outer ear infections, your doctor may suggest that you use an ear-drying solution that will remove water after you swim or shower to cut down on the risk of infections. You may also be instructed to use an ear cleansing spray or wash on a regular basis at home. Natural and homeopathic remedies for ear pain, tinnitus and other ear care conditions may be combined with other treatments at the advice of a medical professional.

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