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Ear Care

 – You wash your body, but how much attention do you give to your ears? Ears produce wax, a sticky substance that can build up and interfere with your hearing. At drugstore.com, we offer a variety of products designed to make caring for your ears easier. From cleaning aids and wax removers to products that protect your ears against loud noises and water, you'll find effective and affordable solutions to your ear care problems.
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What to Do for Ear Wax Buildup

One of the most common ear-related problems is wax buildup. Ear wax can cause your ears to feel full or make it hard to hear what people are saying. Oftentimes you can deal with this problem at home with an ear wax removal tool, a tool designed to safely pull ear wax out of a clogged ear canal without water or messy irrigation.

Another approach is to use a special ear wax removal syringe that guides water into your ear to safely flush out a clogged ear canal. For fast, ear-cleansing action, drops that soften thick, tenacious ear wax without causing irritation are available. They contain the same ingredients that doctors and pharmacists recommend to patients with stubborn ear wax.

Protect Your Ears from Water and Noise

Swimming is good exercise but after a swim, water can stay in your ear and increase your risk for swimmer's ear. Ear plugs made of silicone can help to keep water out of your ears while you're swimming laps or enjoying the surf. When water does get into your ears after a shower or a swim, reach for ear drying drops that can help dislodge the water and make your ears feel more comfortable.

Don't forget to protect your ears from loud noises that can damage your hearing. Ear buds made of foam or silicone are designed to fit comfortably into your ear canals where they can reduce the sound vibrations your ears are exposed to. If you fly frequently, consider ear protection plugs designed to improve your comfort by relieving air pressure.

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