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Water Based Lubricants

 – One simple purchase can take your sexual encounters to an unforgettable level. Water based lubricants are safe, easy to use, and supremely satisfying, helping to eliminate any dryness that can make sex an uncomfortable or even painful experience. These lubricants come in a variety of styles – often with added benefits such as warming features – allowing you to easily find out what lube works well for you and your partner.
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Sliquid Organics Natural Intimate Lubricant- 4.2 fl oz
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Sliquid Organics Natural Gel- 4.2 fl oz
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Use these water based lubricants in the heat of the moment – they take just seconds to apply and can be worked into foreplay – and you’ll discover a variety of benefits for both you and your partner. Water based lubricants enhance your natural lubrication, giving every encounter the wetness it needs to satisfy you both. Check out the wide array of water based lubricants available on Drugstore.com, pick the most tantalizing one, and give it a try on your own or with that special someone for some serious pleasure.

Adding a lubricant to your bedroom can do wonders for your love life. Nothing brings your romantic moment to a screeching halt like uncomfortable dryness, which at a minimum is awkward and at a maximum can be painful. When you add a personal lubricant to your sexual life, you ensure that dryness doesn’t ruin any more romantic moments.

Many experts recommend using water based lubricant for a number of reasons. First, this type of sex lube is gentle and does not cause irritation to the skin. These lubricants are compatible with condoms and don’t cause latex to deteriorate – a risk you run with other types of lubricants – meaning you can have safe encounters even when you’re using personal lubricants. Plus, a water based lube is easy to clean, which offers dual benefits. You can rinse these lubricants off easily after use, and you won’t have to worry about scrubbing your sheets after a romp in the sack.

Personal lubricants come in a variety of styles, and water based lubricants are no exception. At drugstore.com, you can choose from dozens of lubricants that offer different features and benefits. Many of these lubricants promise a silky texture, and some can even double as a moisturizer or massage oil, helping you to get your romance started off with a little bit of relaxation. If you want to tantalize all of your senses, opt for a flavored water based lubricant – try a fruity flavor such as watermelon – and don’t be shy about giving it a taste, much to your partner’s delight. You can even find warming water based lubricants, which heighten sensitivity and lead to some pleasurable sensations when you use them.

Just as the moment starts to heat up, don’t forget to bring out your couples lubricants. Simply apply a dime-sized amount of lube to your hand, rub it together to heat it up, and apply it on your partner for a little stimulation. Reapply as needed throughout your romantic encounter, and enjoy the sizzling results.

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