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 –  Silky, smooth tresses can give you a sleek look that truly wows, but for many people, getting that perfectly straight look can be a challenge. Frizz, damaged strands and natural waves can all undermine your efforts to have smoother locks; however, you can overcome these challenges with the right hair care regimen. Smoothing shampoos are specially formulated to leave the hair silkier and straighter while removing sebum, sweat and other impurities from the hair strands.
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Because many different products can affect the smoothness of the hair, smoothing shampoos may work in a number of ways. Anti-frizz shampoos are one of the most popular varieties and decrease the likelihood of frizz developing on humid days. When you use an anti-frizz smoothing shampoo, you leave behind a lightweight coating over the strands. This functions as a moisture barrier, reducing the amount of water that is pulled out of the air and into your hair. As a result, anti-frizz smoothing shampoos prevent the hair strands from swelling and developing frizz.

If natural waves stand between you and smoother tresses, straightening smoothing shampoos are the ideal solution. These formulas discourage the formation of the sulfide bonds that cause hair to form curls and waves. After you've washed your hair with one of these formulas, you'll find that your hair forms fewer curls as it dries. In addition, straightening smoothing shampoos help increase the results possible with flat irons, often making it possible to use a lower heat setting.

Sometimes, unruly locks are signs of damage. When the outer covering of the hair becomes worn away, its fibers often begin to stand up on end. This makes the hair jagged and uneven instead of smooth and flat. Repairing and strengthening smoothing shampoos are designed to address this problem. These formulas contain ingredients that can fill in blemishes on the strands to give them a smoother texture. The most common of these ingredients is keratin, the protein that makes up the majority of the strands. Formulas may also contain alternative proteins or amino acids that can be used for synthesizing keratin.

When people imagine smooth, silky hair, they often picture locks that are not only straight and sleek, but also very shiny. The effects of the environment, particularly the ultraviolet rays of the sun, can diminish hair's natural luster. Both the natural aging process and chemical hair coloring can also leave the strands looking duller. No matter what has stripped your tresses of their healthy shine, you can help to restore that sheen with glossing or shine-enhancing smoothing shampoos. These formulas typically combine anti-frizz, straightening or strengthening ingredients with extracts that leave the hair visibly shinier.

To get the best possible results from your smoothing shampoo, be sure to follow it with a smoothing conditioner. You may also add serums, creams and other smoothing styling products to your regimen to promote straighter, sleeker hair. You'll find a wide range of smoothing shampoos and other hair care products here at drugstore.com. Start your search for the perfect regimen now!

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