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For Children

 –  Children have a greater need of nutrients to help fuel their bodies because their bodies and minds are developing and growing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, children's food preferences often don't include nutrient-rich things like seafood and green vegetables. drugstore.com can help your children get the nutrients that they need to thrive with our large selection of kid-friendly vitamins and supplements.
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Does My Child Need Omega 3?

Omega fatty acids play an instrumental role in the development of the brain and eyes as well as in the functioning of the muscles and many organ systems, including those used for reproduction and digestion. Fish oil and omega supplements for children help kids get the healthy fats they require without the need to consume large amounts of cold-water seafood. Studies are also investigating the benefits of fish oils for specific pediatric medical concerns, including ADHD and high triglycerides.

Herbs For Children’s Health

Some parents prefer to use natural herbs to address symptoms of illness and other medical concerns in children. Kids' herbs are specially formulated for children's bodies, and there is some research from small scientific studies to suggest that these products offer real benefits for kids.

Sambucus and Echinacea are traditional remedies that are believed to be used to reduce symptoms of the common cold, while chamomile and valerian root have long been used to potentially calm children and improve sleep. Some experts believe that many herbs can be safely taken by most children, but it's important for parents to remember that no herbal remedy is meant to take the place of medical care from a licensed physician. And it is typically prudent to consult with a licensed practitioner before offering children these herbs as well.

Does My Child Need a Multivitamin?

Multivitamins are often recommended for kids. These products contain essential vitamins and minerals that are not manufactured by the human body but that are necessary for the functioning of the organs and the production of new cells and key bodily chemicals. Although The American Academy of Pediatrics states that multivitamins are not necessary in children who consume a well-balanced diet, they have also determined that many children do not get enough of these essential nutrients. They have noted that deficiencies in vitamin D, iron and B vitamins are common among children.

If you suspect that your child may be deficient in some nutrients, talk to your pediatrician. They can test your child to identify nutritional deficiencies and determine the best way to treat the problem including the appropriate multivitamin formulation for your child. While taking a multivitamin daily can help children get the recommended amounts of essential nutrients, it’s crucial that they be given appropriate formulas and doses to avoid complications such as overdose or interaction with their other medications.

Will Probiotics Help My Baby?

A type of healthy bacteria, probiotics help the digestive system remain properly balanced. The gut is naturally home to both good and bad bacteria, but in some children, levels of the harmful microbes outweigh those of the good variety. This can lead to poor digestion and digestive symptoms. Probiotic supplements may be beneficial at restoring the natural equilibrium of the flora in the gut. A study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics has also found that probiotics have the potential to lessen the severity of viral diarrhea in kids; however, more research is needed to completely confirm the results of the group's 2010 study.

Before giving your child any type of supplement, talk to your pediatrician. Some products may not be right for some children, so get expert medical advice before shopping the collection of children's supplements here at drugstore.com.

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