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Adventurous Vibrators

 –  There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all vibrator. Because every man and every woman finds different types of stimulation pleasurable, sex toy manufacturers offer a wide variety of toys. This means that there is truly something for every need and desire available, even for those who are looking for something more adventurous than a standard vibrator.
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One way to add variety to masturbation or to foreplay is to use a vibrator in the tub or shower, but ordinary vibrating toys are not safe for use in water. For women and couples who wish to experiment, waterproof vibrators are the perfect solution. These toys have their batteries and mechanisms contained in special housings that keep water from entering in order to prevent damage to the toy and eliminate the risk of dangerous shocks.

A number of adventurous vibrators that differ from the standard bullet shapes, classic rods or vibrating dildo designs are produced by top manufacturers. Japanese models are known for being creative and unusual, as many feature special attachments, jelly spikes and other embellishments that add new sensations to both g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Over-sized dildo vibrators are similar to standard models, except that they are typically longer or larger in diameter. Remote control vibrators can simplify self-stimulation but can also put control of the toy in the hands of a partner for added fun.

Riding vibrators are another option for women who want new experiences during masturbation. These toys either have special bases to keep them in place or are outfitted with suction cups for attaching them to the floor. When properly positioned, these toys can be inserted into the vagina and then used to simulate intercourse.

The use of anal vibrators can be highly pleasurable for both men and women alike, and there are many different options available for those who want to experiment with anal play. Vibrating butt plugs can be inserted into the rectum and then will remain in place, leaving the hands free to touch a partner or masturbate. Anal beads and wands can be held in place inside of the rectum or worked in and out of the anus for stimulation. Men may also get pleasure from the use of a prostate massager, a specialized type of vibrator designed to access the male G-spot.

Heterosexual and lesbian couples may also enjoy the use of couples vibrating dildos. One end of these toys is inserted into a woman's vagina and the other end can be placed inside of the rectum or the vagina of the other partner. As the first partner moves, she raises and lowers the toy to stimulate the other person and can continue until they both achieve a climax.

Because adventurous vibrators are specialty items, they should be selected with care and always used as directed. For anal toys and oversized dildo models, the use of a lubricant is strongly recommended to reduce discomfort and the risk of possible injury. By following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can ensure that your experience with your new toy is unforgettable and as pleasurable as possible.

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