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 –  For many parents, bath time presents a special time to play and splash along with their young child. The routine of lathering up in the tub can offer some of the most memorable moments in a baby's development. While shampoo and body wash are important to ensure your baby is cleansed of dirt, germs, and environmental free radicals, toys and accessories can play a very important role in bath time, as well. By keeping your child entertained, you can help to make the bath a positive experience instead of something scary. Some children naturally take to the water, but others have a difficult time feeling comfortable. No matter how your child feels about being in water, entertaining toys and other items can make bath time a more pleasant experience.
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Bath toys and accessories cater to children of any age and cover a variety of interests. You can find toys that splash, toys that allow children to pour water, non-toxic bath crayons, and other items that allow playtime to continue while they are being washed. Bubble and baby bath products take the whimsy to the next level, giving your child a soap-based toy to play with while they bathe. These products are designed to be healthy for babies and small children, so you can use them in your child's bath without having to worry.

Along with entertaining your child, bath toys and accessories can help to make the bathing process easier for parents. By giving your child something to focus on and play with, these items allow you to wash your child's hair and body without too much trouble. Though very important, bath time and skin care can be a challenge. A child can react poorly to water or soap, particularly when it is being used on her head or near her face. By distracting your child with toys and other bath time accessories, you can more easily apply shampoo, scrub skin with a wash cloth and rinse as needed. This will help the process go more smoothly for both you and your child.

When shopping for bath toys and accessories, consider your child's age, interests, favorite colors and any other factors that could help to make a toy more enjoyable for him. This will help to reduce the guesswork in finding a bath toy your child will appreciate. Some popular toys include waterproof animals that float on the surface, boats, plastic letters and numbers, fish, and more. If you have a young child, you may wish to allow them to hold on to a toy after they get out of the bath. This will help to keep them occupied while you towel them off. Giving them a toy to play with will also help in case you need to apply lotions and creams after their bath. If you are not sure what type of toy your child might like, allow them to try a few and see which ones they reach for the most.

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