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Men's Skin Care

 –  Skin can be confounding. We often forget it’s a legitimate organ of the body (the biggest, in fact), excluding it from musings on our overall health and nutrition. Yet the vagaries of its appearance can be annoying and dismaying - even downright panic-inducing. Our epidermal coat is reliant on balanced nutrition and proper care - just like other parts of our body - and will plainly reflect malnourishment and neglect. Unlike much of our anatomy, we advertise the state of our skin to the world at large, whether we like it or not: with a handshake here, a face-to-face conversation there.
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You may not want to fuss much over your skin: After all, you’ve got enough else to worry about and only so many moments in the day. That said, it’s essential to tend to it with proper skin care - for the sake of your health and your self-presentation. Here at drugstore.com, we offer a vast number of skincare products acutely formulated and intended for men, who have their own distinct dermatological needs.

The items available range from treatments for specific skin conditions to the building blocks of a well-rounded personal grooming routine.

Among those skincare fundamentals are facial washes and face lotions, which function together as a complexion-boosting tag team. Natural oils, dirt, airborne pollutants, and other impurities collect on your face throughout the day, threatening to clog pores and render a dull, greasy façade. Regular cleansing with gentle, non-aggravating formulations is critical for removing such accumulations to keep your face clear and healthy-looking.

A moisturizing lotion or cream, meanwhile, follows up to prevent drying. It’s ideal for your hands, too, which are basically put through the ringer day in and day out and often suffer from dryness and cracking. Moisturizers can also be useful as post-shaving salves.

Many men contend with specific dermatological ailments, such as acne. Acne doesn’t exclusively torment teenagers; millions of adults suffer from it as well. The condition, often marked by redness and swollen pimples, tends to arise when our skin pores become clogged - as when excess sebum (a natural oil) hampers the normal extrusion of dead skin cells, which then accumulate within the pores and promote bacterial buildup that causes inflammation.

Regularly cleansing with properly chosen products can do much to ward off acne, but you may need special formulations to really address the problem. On that count, we’ve got you covered.

Unbalanced skin can pose its own suite of problems. If you have an excessively dry or excessively oily complexion, you’ll want to seek out products appropriate to that condition. For example, someone with particularly dry skin may find a normal face wash too aggravating and moisture-stripping; look for one formulated specially for your skin type. Our inventory also includes many dermatological products that aim to mitigate the visual and tactile effects of aging on the skin - from wrinkles to chapping. Dermatologists often distinguish between “intrinsic aging,” which refers to genetically controlled age-related changes, and “extrinsic aging,” which encompasses aspects of environmental exposure and lifestyle that can enhance the aging process or usher it in prematurely. Following a dedicated skincare regime with the right products can greatly lessen the impacts of extrinsic aging, and work to address the damage already wrought.

When choosing skincare products of any kind, remember to select for your particular skin type and condition. Using an inappropriate treatment for your complexion - say, a sensitive-skin cleanser on an oily face - will do little good, and may even be aggravating.

Check out the men’s skincare options at drugstore.com. A clear, glowing, well-nourished face ”whatever your age" doesn’t have to be mere fantasy.

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