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Hot Packs and Patches

 – When you're suffering from an injury or a chronic condition that causes pain and stiffness due to inflammation, it can be difficult to live life to the fullest. The right pain and fever relief products can make a difference and help you get back to being at your best. If you'd prefer not to use over-the-counter oral medications or need additional help to get complete relief, drugstore.com can help. We have a wide selection of hot packs and patches that can help alleviate inflammation.
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Addressing Inflammation with Heat

Doctors often recommend heat therapy or the use of warm compresses to address discomfort due to inflammation. When you apply something warm to your skin, the heat causes the blood vessels in the tissue to dilate or widen. This increases blood flow and supplies nutrients and oxygen to the area to help temporarily reduce inflammation, soothe stiffness and ease spasms and cramps. The effects of heat therapy make it ideal for addressing injuries and conditions that cause feelings of tightness along with pain or tenderness. If you want to know if heat therapy is the right solution for a specific pain, consult your doctor for advice.

Hands Free Heat Therapy Solutions

When you can't take time out of your day to address soreness and stiffness, wearable heat therapy solutions may be the ideal solution. These products are made for hands free use and can typically be worn under clothing very discreetly. Hands free heat therapy products work in one of two ways. Some are filled with materials that produce heat due to a chemical reaction, while others use ingredients that give the sensation of heat when they come in contact with the skin like the plant extract capsaicin. Self-adhesive patches and thin disposable wraps are the most common types of wearable heat therapy solutions.

Reusable Wraps, Packs, Pads and More

If you're looking for a longer-lasting source of heat, there are many products on the market that act as warm compresses. You can purchase blankets and pads that warm up with the help of electrical or battery power and will remain hot as long as they are turned on.

Wraps and packs that are filled with hot water or placed in the microwave are often smaller and easier to apply. These products cool off faster but can be reheated quickly. Some wraps, packs and pads are made for specific parts of the body, such as masks that are worn over the eyes or wraps that fit over the leg. Others can be used anywhere.

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